18 thoughts on “It’s A Really Simple Concept

  1. There is going to be a few assholes who won’t understand what you’re saying, it will be all Greek to them..
    God Bless You, and me.


  2. Surprised the GAF meter got enough ooomph to even twitch up a smidgeon..
    Does anyone have a gif of a meter dropping into the negative range?


  3. They are for entertainment purposes only. idiots, they will get theirs when the time comes and that gives me great comfort.


  4. Congratulations Phil. Your blog is now getting enough popularity to attract trolls and flamers. There are quite a few blogs I’ve had to quit reading comment threads because they’ve degenerated into junk. Most of us old coots here appreciate what you post whether it’s our cuppa tea or not. Whether the trolls are paid Soros-bots or just a**holes on their own, I hope that you can dump them in a spam bucket. I’m sure you don’t have the time to moderate comments like some other blogs do.
    As for the one man band, it was amusing although I didn’t watch all of it. If you like that, check out Justin Johnson and his shovel guitar, or the one made from an oil can. He’s got a lot of regular guitar videos on youtube and he’s pretty good.


  5. Been following your blog for a couple years now. Started during the Trump era and something always nagged me a little when I read “documenting the death of America”.
    I had huge hopes for the US at that time. That reason would undo all the horror of the Obummer years, but I have come to realize in the last few months that your slogan is probably very true.
    God help us all!! Blessings brother.


  6. Bwaaahaaaahaaaa, mines been pegged on the zero for more than 40 years now, I’m wondering ifn it weren’t broke, but then recently I discovered there’s a little button on the back of it, you push it and it registers into the negative numbeh’s…. You’re might have the same feature. Just sayin cause the way this shit shows a progresin we’re gonna need a shitload of negative numbers just to keep track of how deep da hole be we’re diggin….


  7. Yaknow? Musical tastes are just that, tastes. Not for everything.

    I mean, geez, some people like gangsta rap, or Bod Dylan…

    And to anonymousely post? Chicken-shit, total chicken-shit. Probably voted for Xiden and wants to felate BuggGiggleGuy.

    Personally, the street musician was much more tolerable than Dylan, Springsteen, and Streisand.


  8. My new site I got the fucking dotheads spamming the shit outta me daily… all for viagra and writing services… comes with the territory I suppose


  9. LOL, why are so many of us running out of Fucks? I know I’ll be 50 this year….I’d it an age thing? I’m also white…do we lose fucks as our vitamin D levels drop? Jesus, seems like an epidemic….please someone call dr Fraudci


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