This Is Commonly Called A CLUE

As in get one and be somewhere else pronto instead of standing there taking pictures.

I wouldn’t have been there to see the second heave.

8 thoughts on “This Is Commonly Called A CLUE

  1. Tree root systems flexing in the ground due to high wind. One of my sons studied arbor science as as an elective at Texas A&M (Gig Em!) and he knew this one at a glance.


  2. Had a hickory tree do that in my yard one hurricane. Lean one way and the roots opened up a hole to suck water into. Lean the other way and squirt out huge amounts of mud. Over and over.

    So there I was, in 80mph winds, cutting on the tree as it leaned away from the driveway and house, stop cutting when the wings push the tree back, lean away and cut, lean back and stop cutting. Managed to cut the tree and make it fall the right way. Also got covered in about 2′ of mud all over my body. Good times, good times.

    Seen that video on one of wife’s ‘paranormal’ shows, and the show commentators are acting like “Oh, must be spooky supernatural alien bigfeet flogging native american ghosts, ooohhhhhh”

    Yeah, no. Winds.


    • Gotta watch those hickory trees. They don’t have that big central tap root like most hardwoods and they’ll fall over pretty easily and they tend to fall hard.


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