America In It’s Current State

The vast majority of people who live here are actively oblivious as to what is going on around them.

They don’t want to know and would rather pretend that everything is perfectly fine.

These same people are in for a very rude awakening eventually.

Even my 86 year old neighbor said he thinks he might live long enough now to see the next revolution go hot.

I have to agree with him.

9 thoughts on “America In It’s Current State

  1. well, they had to wait for the older guys to die off, that and with the younger bunch of morons
    that where not taught what this country was, i guessing after the mask bullshit of the last year
    makes them think they can pull if off what they are not planning on is that a whole lot of older
    guys who remember what it was like when they where growing up getting more and more pissed.
    you know, the ones who just want to be left alone. when they get started, it will get messy fast.
    they know if they start, there will be no stopping until it done. and i don’t think us old guys will
    do anything either. i not planning on fighting some clown hand to hand either.
    just shoot the dumb fuck and keep moving. too old, too banged up for that nonsense anymore they just have no idea of the hell they asking for. and they wonder why ammo is so scarce ?

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  2. Temperature is rising. To banged up to keep moving just gonna shoot from where I stand. Really got nothing left to lose if you think about it.


    • That may be something they haven’t taken fully into account yet. Of the three things our founders pledged to revolutionary victory, ‘life, fortune and honor, I can honestly say my honor is all I can sacrifice – and it’s hanging by a frayed thread.
      That’s enough. I just wish I could move faster.


    • Yes indeed sir, been there done that, tired of running & moving, tired of standing alone. Surprisingly ignorant of them to not realize how little life in prison is for someone with nothing else to lose and approaching the end of life on earth. And from past experience we know how, when, and where, to take shitloads of em with us……


  3. Many old men are waiting to do something because they still have family that are at threat. It’s when you get enough old men that don’t have anything to live for, well, that’s when things go ballistic.


  4. If you follow the book “the fourth turning”, they have the peak crisis phase at 2024. I don’t think it gets that far. These crisis episodes are cyclical, and this one appears to be right on schedule, if not running early. The fools running the show are moving so fast, so stupid, I don’t think we got another year before all hell breaks loose.

    it’ll probably start with a monetary collapse. This was outlined in a book I read decades ago called ‘the Great Reckoning’. Inflation is already out of control. What happens when those EBT and WIC cards no longer function? or better yet, the stores stop honoring them because the gubmint will try to ‘fix’ prices (like they do with medicare).

    Being early GenX, I’m at an age where I can see retirement coming. or at least early retirement. But they’ll move the bar, again. I fully expect to be screwed out of any social security. And I’m not the only one. So what happens when you have a sizable generation that’s been screwed over, having their savings become worthless?

    Going to be double plus ungood, I tell you what.


  5. A small but growing fraction of the populace has noticed that sh*t is getting real.

    The vast unconcerned majority are the dog in the “This is fine” cartoon.

    Mot of them will still be there when there’s blood in the streets and tanks on the lawn.



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