10 thoughts on “A Little Problem With Wheel Hop

  1. Wonder if he welded the spider gears together (poor mans locker). Looked like tires were in a bind,started bouncing. Huge twisting leverage,things break.


  2. You get that hop when you don’t have good traction bars keeping the springs from winding up. Owner decided to take a run before finishing the complete build. Either that or he decided to cut corners. Expensive mistake either way.


  3. Kiddies, THIS is what happens when you have more horsepower than brains. You don’t run STOCK parts in the drivetrain when you beef up the horsepower – and don’t forget to tighten the bolts to the correct torque, as well…
    Looks to me like the rear end locked up hard.


  4. Assfuk should be taken out and strung up. Sacrilege ruining a perfectly good classic 67 Dart like that…… I had 2, liked em both, a slant 6 banger and a 440. Would still like to have a hemi dart from Grand Spalding Dodge. They came from Norm Spaldings Grand Spalding Dodge with fiberglass hood and front fenders, aluminum bumper, no radio, no heater, and conservatively rated at 735 HP Plus…. Ahhh, the shit dreams are made of…


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