So Congress Is Actually Talking About Paying Reparations To The Descendants Of Slaves. I Say Go For It, With A Few Conditions.

We would more than likely end up saving a metric assload of money in the long run, IF, these conditions are met.

Here’s the deal.

The second anyone takes one thin dime of that money, a whole bunch of things happen immediately.

First off, those EBT cards y’all are so fond of?


Permanently, for life.

No WIX programs, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing, all gone forever.

No Affirmative Action either, we are even now, remember?

Y’all gonna need to find a place to live because we are going to be needing that subsidized housing for the Mexicans, Hondurans and all the rest of Joe Biden’s new little friends pouring over our border lately.

No free phones, free medical, nothing.

You pay just like the rest of us Privileged Motherfuckers.

And that little deal you women got going of having six kids from six different Baby Daddies because you get more money for them?

Yeah, that goes away too.

Let’s all rejoice now that the Circle of Poverty will be broken.

So if we can agree to these conditions then get out the Official Check Book, line ’em up and pay ’em off.

When they blow all that money and come around whining about being broke and how we owe them then we can just look their name up to see if they took the money, then tell them I hear Honduras is nice this time of year and they have plenty of room now.

Start walking.

43 thoughts on “So Congress Is Actually Talking About Paying Reparations To The Descendants Of Slaves. I Say Go For It, With A Few Conditions.

  1. better idea. take the check, go back to your “homeland”. barred from re-entry, citizenship rescinded. checks in the mail…but really, they owe us money by now. we should withhold back rent,ebt etc. then send them he net.

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    • This is a great idea. Reparations include a one way ticket back to whatever shithole African country your ancestors came from 150 YEARS OR MORE AGO, with no right of return EVER for you, your spouse and all future progeny. A free DNA test is included in the reparations package to determine which shit hole country you came from. If multiple ancestor countries are identified, we get to pick which one you go to, with the least developed country given top priority, so that you can fully use all of that free edumacation you got from the public schools you didn’t attend.

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    • Build them mansions in any country in Africa with a one way ticket and loss of citizenship. We’ll save trillions in the long run not to mention trillions in value items like smaller prisons and a lot less crime.


  2. Screw the reparations. Load up a boat with anyone that demands money, send it to Africa, and make sure the boat never comes back.

    Too many of the supposed descendants of slaves couldn’t pick out their daddy in a lineup. Having their fine, supposed relatives in Africa selling them like their ancestors is lesson they need to learn personally.

    Those fine folks I’ve worked with over the years would probably be glad many of their peers left. They don’t like moochers either.


  3. If one-time reparations meant that the welfare state went away, I’d fully support it.
    But it won’t. It’s just one more way to take away more of your labor and further enslave us.


  4. Nope: I never owned slaves…my dad never owned slaves, his dad never owned slaves, and his dad never owned slaves…..and His dad got off the boat and had to pick up a shovel to feed his family.
    You don’t get any reparations from me, none of my family ever owned a slave. And since the 69’s we’ve been paying taxes that went to feed, clothe house and now give cell phones to black and under “underpriviledged” folks….we’ve been pushed aside for jobs, and had to subsidize the hiring of incompetent people in both government and (later) private to “Level the field”.

    Fuck that, you give em some money, My family never owned slaves, and we didn’t bring em here, didn’t sell em, and have paid way too much and dealt with too uch other shit in the name of “fairness”.
    Besides they’ll spend it foolishly….and be broke and “poor” soon after.

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  5. Love,love the idea! I said the same thing to a trusted friend once (only person that wouldn’t turn me in to the BLM crowd) and they said that once we pay them off then they can’t EVER throw the race card again!
    But, how are “they” going to prove that they are spawn of the enslaved? What percentage of “them” are actually from that linage? What about the ones that “identify” with all of the real ones? And if the fake ones don’t get anything….. Can you force me (someone who’s family came here quite a bit AFTER the unpleasentness) to pay for “them”?
    I wonder if Biden et al,has a history of enslavement…..of the chosen race; not of any ho’s or pedo stuff.

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    • That’s easy. It was the Democrat Party that was the party of slavery. All registered Democrats should be assessed their “fair share” and pay off for their crimes against humanity. So let it be written, so let it be done.


  6. The US Conference of Mayors did a “study” last year that said the reparations owed are 6.2 quadrillion dollars. For those that don’t know the number that’s $6,200 trillion. That’s about 70 times the world GDP – 70 times all the money in the world.

    On top of that they say the reparations to Japanese American WWII detainees would be another $16 quadrillion.

    Face the fact, snowflakes. Everyone on the planet has a lineage of ancestors that had something bad happen to them. No one in my family was in the US during the time slavery was legal. Chances are, if you go back far enough, every one of us had ancestors who were slaves somewhere.


    • What about reparations for German Americans put into camps and had their properties seized by the Government in WWI?

      Nobody remembers that Woodrow Wilson did it first. To German-Americans who were naturalized, 1st gen Americans and even 2nd Gen Americans of German decent.


  7. What about us Irish assholes? I know through genealogy that I had Irish ancestors through my mothers side that were brought over as “Indentured” servants…. a nice english way of saying slave. I don’t remember any talk of them getting reparations, tis only fair. We shook off our slavery, picked up that shovel and made something of ourselves with out whining or EBT cards or free shit.


  8. Every person whose ancesters came to North America as a slave should be paying higher taxes because they have the priviledge of being here instead of what ever Hellhole they would otherwise live in. I remember reading years ago about a famous black agitator that was just going to mave to Africa and live a better life. Story goes she came slinking back 6 months later with her ‘tail between her legs’ and never said another bad word about the US.


    • Or, as Muhammad Ali is alleged to have said after his “Rumble in the Jungle”, “Thank God great-grandad got on that boat!”


  9. Let’s not be getting all hasty here.
    There’s still a ton of shit that needs burning down and you guys are in way too big of a hurry to get rid of our best arsonists.
    I say give’ em some more time to finish the job.
    By that time the money won’t be worth anything so we give them all a steamer trunk full of $1,000.00 bills when they walk off the boat at their new destination.


  10. As a New Jersey Yankee, I graduated form a rather well known old military school in Virginia. In my unhappy first year, I was targeted with jibes and complaints of my brother Southern cadets on how their granddaddies were bayoneted at Gettysburg or burned up at the Wilderness. My response, finally, was my ancestors either were serfs in Slovenia or shepherds in Cyprus when the Big One was ongoing. I never had a dog in that fight and don’t have one now.

    Same G-D thing with ‘weppa-WAY-shunnnns.’ You ain’t gettin’ a cent of mine.


  11. Before paying blacks reparations we should demand repayment for what blacks have cost America since Johnson’s GREAT SOCIETY movement. Many of those paid for doing wrong are still alive. Make them repay first. Oh, and that Welfare/Pregnancy scam? Baby momma gets sterilized right after first welfare baby’s birth, even if baby momma only 12 and her brother is only 13. Baby daddy sterilized before baby momma gets first welfare check.


  12. Anyone else think this reparations issue is being kept alive just to make Americans hate each other? Could hot button issues be keeping us from focusing on the stolen election, Obama corrupting the entire Federal Government against conservatives, China’s increasing influence, hundreds of Clinton felonies, Big Mike’s gender?


    • “Anyone else think this reparations issue is being kept alive just to make Americans hate each other?”

      Of course. That’s definitely part of it.

      The other part is that our culture is owned by professional victims. Movies and TV (popular culture) are all about victimhood. Because the people who write and direct (and own the studios) tend to come from a long line of victims, as do many of the critics. The newsmedia are owned and run by victims. Social Sciences academia are dominated by the same sorts. These people meditate on their victimhood (or rather the claimed victimhood of ancestors) so much it’s no wonder it fills their minds. At this point, I’m not even sure it’s deliberate malice so much as a cultural imperative so baked-in it might as well be genetic.


  13. Cederq may be only half-Irish (the rest is from Cederqistan or some such place), but that means he shares good Anglo-Celtic genes, same as many Aussies descended from convict stock that had been sentenced to transportation by the British. That is a prime example of slavery for you, but I can’t see the Pommies coughing up any reparations. And what sorta family name is ‘Ray’ anyway? Sounds like some inbred Frenchie Cajun to me.


  14. So, I am 1/16th Ute native American…

    The other 15/16ths is Scottish/English/French/Nordic/Ukrainian. Going from highest percentage to lowest. I am only 1/32 Ukrainian but mostly Angelo/Saxon. I pay my own way.

    Back to topic: Reparations to those who were a slave to be paid by those who were actual slave owners. Also kill the free cell phone program and mandatory drug testing for all free or government assist programs. Mandatory birth control after second child as any following children will not be covered.


  15. Um, so?

    I am a proud descendant of actual friggin communists, of indentured servants, of peasants who got kicked out of France then out of Canada then out of pert-near every US state on the East Coast until they found land even runaway salves didn’t want (also known as Cajuns.)

    Seriously, who fucking cares?

    Do I get reparations from Louisiana because they split my family up when Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma croaked during a Cholera outbreak and split the 7 children up between several orphanages?

    Seriously, that’s all in the past. All of it. ALL of it.

    Now, well, I might support reparations if the person can show they were descendants of slaves AND the reparations end any future descendants from ever ever ever sucking one penny from the public trough ever.



    Nah, Fuck them ALL! Fuck them. Just Fuck Them.

    Grow up and become productive citizens or fuck off and die.


  16. I would add one thing.
    If you cannot prove you’re 100% black, you don’t get anything.
    We’ll test your genetic make-up and if you have one white genome in you, you’re not eligible.
    But you can still fuck off back to Africa.

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