8 thoughts on “One Man Band

  1. Seriously, are you serious? Where did these freaks come from? And why are they not in a mental institution? Tell me they have gainful employment on the side.
    Oh wait, Obama and Co.
    I drove by the set of “One Flew over a Cuckoos Nest”, on a day to day basis while they were filming. Very odd. I was 18 years old. My parents had just divorced, and Micheal Douglas wanted to rent my dads place next door to the home of the guy in the movie that played the Charter boat skipper. Mel Lambert. Micheal Douglas didn’t want to pay what my dad offered. Apparently he was pissed. BFD. Glad I didn’t ever meet him.
    Weird! I also knew a guy who survived being a ward, on the fifth floor of that loony bin, the Oregon State Hospital. (the bad guy floor, not like the movie), Harder to escape the fifth floor. There was a bad full moon once, and he and several inmates were severely injured. I don’t know why he chose that type of job. Yet, I know several folks who did that sort of thing. And they all left that situation sorta early.
    Anyway, Not my bag.
    Got any Clapton you want to play?


  2. The whole bunch of characters move around like a bunch of Baboons. Jeez I’d rather listen to fingernails on a chalk board. My god man….get some taste in music for the Pete’s sake. This is worse than watching your “cackling” video about some scrap metal mini lathe you bought…


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