Get The Vaccine They Said. You’ll Be Safe They Said. FUCK YOU I SAID. Turns Out They Were Wrong After All.

I still say Fuck those vaccines.

Astro Zeneca had been halted in multiple countries because it’s killing people and now the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has been stopped because it’s killing people too.

These deaths are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the side effects millions of people are experiencing , SO FAR.

What part of EXPERIMENTAL do these dumbasses not understand?

From what I have been reading at multiple sites, the real side effects of these things haven’t even started manifesting yet.


Y’all wanna run out and be a Guinea Pig for this shit more power to ya.

I want nothing to do with it.

39 thoughts on “Get The Vaccine They Said. You’ll Be Safe They Said. FUCK YOU I SAID. Turns Out They Were Wrong After All.

  1. Damn straight. I won’t get vaccinated until the vaccines have completed , and passed, their clinical trials. I also won’t get one if its contraindicated by a condition i already have.


  2. But, wait… there’s more!

    The masks (aka ‘face-masks’) contain fibers.
    Those fibers are constantly shed.
    Those fibers are inhaled.

    Mesothelioma is caused by inhaled fibers embedding in the lungs.
    Mesopotamia became known after a few workers inhaled asbestos.

    The common pleated blue masks (aka ‘face-masks’) are manufactured in home-based cottage industries in appalling Third World conditions.
    Hand-made by families with zero-zero-zero access to running water, with zero-zero-zero concept of hygiene.

    Billions with a ‘B’ of masks (aka ‘face-masks’) are manufactured in dirt-floor sheds, piled in the dirt until they can be boxed.
    Scattered around among chickens scratching and dogs urinating.

    Asbestos killed a few thousand folks.
    Masks (aka ‘face-masks’) have the potential to kill billions with a ‘B’.

    This is a disaster.

    According to bumblebrats at CDC&P, all the good hive-members need to ‘double-mask’ because just one mask is never enough.
    The ‘double-mask’ is often modeled by hive spokes-model and Glorious Leader joe biden.
    To accurately virtue-signal to other hive-members, each mask in a double-mask must be a different color.

    We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene Oregon.
    Last couple weeks, I see sedans driving around with numbers shoe-polished on the driver-side side-rear window… 12:40, 3:20, that sort of thing.

    It turns out those are times, marked after a hive-member goes through a drive-through inoculation center.
    The time of inoculation is marked, then the hive-members sit and wait to be cleared… in case the inoculation causes you to die-while-driving.

    To adequately virtue-signal their hiveness, hive-members leave their inoc time on the car.

    [ I am not making this up ]

    A Caribbean island volcano threatens the entire population of Saint Vincent with hot ash and lava.

    To evac, folks need a inoc passport.
    Non-inocs cannot evac.

    “Papers, please” is not a request.

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    • Hey, wait a minute. Fraudci said we didn’t NEED masks before he said we do need them, then said “wear two”. So, there’s gotta be something true in all those statements. After all, he’s been the Director of the NIH for forty years so he must know something. (in case you need it /sarc


  3. Life experience alone tells you anything being pushed this hard cannot be a good thing.

    Plus – Like we’re supposed to believe “they care about us”. Good God.

    Plus – Mfgrs are not liable. You still have to wear a mask, you can still get it and pass it on.
    The CDC nor anyone in .gov still haven’t settled on a story. The WHO? Geebus.

    A former VP for Pfizer head of allergy and respiratory says asymptomatic transmission is BS. That a vaccine won’t handle mutations of this is BS. hen he goes into some nutty stuff bout depopulation that although possible doesn’t pass the smell test for me.


  4. Last Thursday afternoon I got a phone call from a long time friend. One of my best.
    Sometime into the conversation he reluctantly told me that he and his wife had gotten the jab. He says that he wasn’t going to tell me because he knew that I was opposed.
    I’m pretty much dumbstruck. Over our twenty eight years of friendship he has called me I don’t know how much times seeking my opinion or advice on numerous issues. I’m thinking that you just made the most important decision of your life and you know my thoughts on the topic but you never asked me how I came to my beliefs.

    A few hours later I’m eating dinner and watching a podcast with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny thinking, I have a dozen podcasts and stories that I could have passed along to help with making a more informed decision, and the phone rings. It’s my friend again. Guess his wife had a issue and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He’s not allowed to go and is home waiting on a phone call and update. They call and say that a helicopter is on the way way to fly her to a brain trauma center and that she is basically dead and on life support.
    He wants my advice on how to tell his daughter.


      • Same thing happen to the mother of his daughter’s boyfriend like a month ago. Got it and didn’t feel good. 4 hours later she’s gone.

        I thought that alone would be enough for them to know better. But you what? The damn tv is always on.


    • He values your advice, that’s good, however – fwiw, I don’t think he should be asking you that question, he should already know how to explain that.


      • I’m thinking he was in shock from receiving that phone call. As I said earlier, I’ve kind of been a source to more or less hash issues out with.
        I just told him that he had to tell her the truth.
        I understand where he was coming from. They only had the one child and even though she is in her mid 20’s I guess she has had some problems and isn’t as mature mentally as she should be.


    • Deathray I will be praying for your friend, especially his wife and all their family. I am saddened to hear of any news like that no matter the cause. I will pray for you as well.


  5. My younger brother who was 69 years old and in perfect health with no bad habits like myself got the first shot in mid March. He fell over dead in his yard 1 1/2 weeks later on March 26th.


  6. They can take there ‘vaccine”

    They can stick it in there junk and break dance for all i care.

    Vaccine passport-hahahahahahahaha
    Fuuuuuuuuuuuck You Govt fags


  7. There is NO VACCINE for “COVID” as no one, not a private, government nor university lab, has extracted a strand of the virus. I saw a report today that 1500 “positive” test samples were inspected under a scanning electron microscope. Zippo on the COVID, positive for influenza a and some b. These universities contacted CDC and begged for a sample of the virus. CDC had to refuse and admit they didn’t have any.

    Very sorry for your friends loss, they were doing what they thought was correct.

    Soon the world will have two types of citizens left – the Elites (who were injected with saline solution) and we grumpy old farts. Should be interesting.


    • Any chance of getting a link to the article you described or where I would find it? That’s just the type of information that I’m compiling. I’ve heard that mentioned but have never come across any information myself.
      Thank you.


      • Be cautious about what you read and or believe from the internet. I have seen the tenpenny video and many others including the former pfizer guy. I have also read many of the other sides stories. I just flat out don’t trust the government, the internet and anything I hear or see. I take it all in and form my own opinion and decisions. Hell no I’m not getting a vaccine at least for a year. I may change my mind based on new information but I will still not believe it but will think on it. Good luck and God speed to all of us, He is the almighty and my faith is in him and no one else.


        • Exactly correct BCCL; took the words out of my mouth. I don’t know who or what to believe anymore, so I’ll err on the side of caution and continue to say regarding the so-called vaccines: NO WAY IN BLOODY HELL!!!
          I have pretty much given up on a rational discussion with anyone beyond my wife, and she’s with me for the most part. People will believe whatever they want to believe and I’ll not attempt to persuade anyone except to ask a Socratic question of epistemology: “How do you know what you think you know?”


  8. And you know what? The adverse reactions to the gene manipulation shot are the LEAST of the problem- the question is what we are being set up for down the road. We don’t know. They don’t know, or they say they don’t.
    ADE? “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” has been a problem with the development of these “vaccines”, a situation where when vaccinated, the antibody response goes berserk when encountering an actual infection, attacking the whole body.
    Bio weapon targeting on a unique antibody maker only present in those who have been injected?
    Who TF knows.
    They have been seeking a coronavirus vaccine for 50 years with no success. Now whoop-de fucking doo they have one in 8 months. Except, dear friends, WE are the phase three trial.
    With no legal recourse, for a virus with an admitted 99.7 percent survival rate.
    They are pushing this thing like a crack addicted used car salesman going to evicted on Friday.
    Makes me noivous, as Curley would say.


  9. I used to order the blue masks before corona…a nickel a mask off of amazon. You use them once and toss them as soon as you take them off. They don’t do much. but what do expect for a nickel? You wear them for looks, so the health dept can say you are not getting spittle on the products. It’s amazing how easy it is to fool people.


  10. None of the current products fill me with glee, and I’ve not gotten vaccinated with any of them. I was thinking about the J&J version, but them getting pulled has pretty well killed that plan. Hand washing and masking has been a 100% success for 14 months and counting, including working at body odor distance from heavily infected COVID patients.

    Use media reports to determine which way the wind is blowing on this.
    As long as the preponderance of evidence is that it’s a good thing, they’ll keep pimping “Biden’s vaccine”.
    The minute it looks to be going south, it will become “Trump’s Poison” on ABCNNBCB.S. in the blink of an eye.

    I stand by my advice that no one under 40 should get any of the vaccines. When you hit 60, and they have 1-20 years of experience, and have refined products that passes the same muster as any other medicine, we can talk.


    • Aesop, have you had the flu? If so, and you aren’t frail in the immune department, you’re golden.
      P.S. – the masks don’t work. Never did. Data now backs that self-evident fact up. A .5 micron virus is NOT going to be stopped by a mask that lets viruses through like a mosquito going through a chain link fence.

      Stock up on Ivermectin and/or hydroxychloroquine. Take vitamins A, B, D, and Zinc. Get lots of fresh air and sunshine.

      You’ll be fine.


      • egorr,

        Virus isn’t sitting in anyone’s snot locker dry as Nestle’s cocoa.
        It’s carried in mucus droplets far larger than virus-sized, and big enough to hit a spit mask coming out and never make it to the other side, like that mosquito was glued to a bowling ball before it hit that chain link fence. Period.

        This has been the case since 100+ years ago. It’s Epidemiology 101 stuff. This is why doctor and nurses wear masks in surgery: to protect the patient from their own germs. Since over 100 years and counting.

        And there are zero studies demonstrating the contrary, despite 1000 earnest idiots with half a wit on the internet telling you the opposite based on their own inability to process facts on conduct valid and appropriate surveys.

        Anybody who doesn’t get that ordinary snot/surgical masks are not to protect you, they’re worn to protect everyone else from you, is already too short for this discussion.

        I’ve laid it out in blisteringly simple detail, more than once.

        I can tell people how things work, but I can’t make them smarter, mainly because far too many of them have to pee on the electric fence themselves before they figure things out.

        It’s a free country.

        Most people won’t be in the small percent (somewhere between 0.2 [now]-3[worst possible case]) nationwide out of 330M people whom this virus will eventually kill, but Gilligans will see that it kills as many of them as possible. (FTR, annual flu – in a horrible year – tops out at 0.02%, and in average years is 0.01%. So this outbreak is only 10-20x worse than flu, so far.) I’m past caring which end of that stick anyone lands on, because everyone slept at a Holiday Inn Express and thinks they’re Ph.Ds now. This is your country on full Dunning-Kruger.

        If you like your pandemic, you can keep your pandemic. And you will.

        The only pity is that this fairly mild disease doesn’t home in on younger people with low IQs. Sadly, it seems to mostly be a matter of bad luck and age.

        More’s the pity.

        But what’s even worse is the continuing stupidity will greenlight even more draconian jackassery from elected officials (like we didn’t have enough of that already). So just like we told people a year back, the virus isn’t the biggest problem, just the first. The second-, third-, and fourth-order follow-on problems will be far, far worse, and yet people are lining up in droves to take a whiz on that fence.

        BTW, you know who told that “masks don’t work” fairytale first?
        Idiot Fauci.
        The guy who’s been wrong (and/or lied) about everything he’s told people for years. AIDS. Ebola. Kung Flu.
        That’s a helluva track record of being 100% wrong for just one guy.

        One should be careful of the company they keep.
        Just saying.


  11. What the fuck is wrong with all you dumbasses here?
    Just go and get the fucking shots, you stupid fuckers.
    I suppose next time your appendix heats up, you’ll spend a few weeks arguing about what to do about it, considering that “Uncle Buford went in for his appendix, and they fucked him up right good”, or “my brother-in-law’s cousin just waited it all out and he was fine”.

    The vaccs are there. They’ll cut your odds of croaking from chinkflu. Get the damn shots, morons.


  12. I hate to say it, but this only confirms my hillbilly observation, “There are a lot of different ways to spell STUPID!” (not hollerin’)


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