7 thoughts on “Come On Up Little Buddy

  1. I miss my dog. He was a German shepherd that died last Sept. I’m too old to get another one and do right by them. Can’t leave life and leave them behind..

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  2. Had a mutt many years ago after I got back from my 3rd tour in SE Asia. He was my Budd and we went everywhere together. Got myself into a siti-a-shun were I was on the road for months at a time and had to leave him with a friend. Hard on him as well as me. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that dogs are as dependent upon you as you become upon them. They are like the proverbial teenage that simply refuses to leave home and are so needy it’s beyond belief. You become dependent upon each other… And yet I love dogs but won’t have another simply because of that dependency. And yet dogs remain “Mans Best Friend”.


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