LOL! It Turned Out Just Like Me

Warped, twisted, off center and a full bubble off level.

But it will work.

I fucked up when I welded it kinda in place.

The far support was tight in the space between the two bars in the back and when I tapped it over with a hammer to line it up with the holes in the grinder the base climbed up the support bar and I didn’t notice it because I was leaning over the edge of the table from the near corner and basically working blind.

I also didn’t just tack it like I should have, I ran a full bead.

It became readily apparent when I picked it up off the table but I just said fuck it and ground down the bottom of the support that was hanging below the frame instead of grinding the weld off and starting over.


As long as the damn thing works I’ll be happy but it most certainly has my name all over it.

One thing I do like is that it sits up high enough now that I don’t have to bend over to use it and and that means I can actually see what the hell I am doing.

I’m sure I won’t be able to stand it being uneven and will wind up sticking a shim under that left side but in the mean time,

On to my next misadventure.


Yeah, I couldn’t stand it.

Every time I looked at that thing it bugged me so I shimmed the bastard.

It took longer to find the right piece of steel than it did to cut it, drill it and bolt it in but it’s done done now.

The fucker was off farther than I thought it was.

14 thoughts on “LOL! It Turned Out Just Like Me

  1. Ya know, when you get older and more bent then you are, the stand will be straighter so no problem then….Just don’t grind or buff or polish something sideways. I sent you an email.


  2. Just remember the old adage – If it looks stupid, but it works, it ain’t stupid.
    I could never have something like that. I’d have both grinders running at the same time, bouncing back and forth between grits& profiles. Then at some point my shirt would get sucked into the bottom wheel, and there I’d be. Trapped, with no way to reach my beer.

    Whitehall, NY


  3. Looks nice. I’m stowing the idea for some time in the future.

    I need an “unwelder,” more commonly known as a plasma cutter to fix those small oops moments.

    Why stop with two grinders? 🙂


    • There’s a Brit on Youtube named Steve Jordan who performs miracles on a Chinesium Mini lathe in a tiny little 8 X 10 shed who made a stand that has two grinders and a buffer on it.
      I like that idea. There is also another guy who made a real nice stand that has two grinders on it that sit on a table that flips over from one to the other.
      What you can’t see in those pictures is an old GE electric motor with an 8 inch wire wheel hanging off it bolted down to the other end of that table.


  4. “Warped, twisted, off center and a full bubble off level.” You do realize that’s why we come here, don’t you?
    If anyone ever asks why the difference in height, tell them ‘the old grinder I replaced had a larger wheel on this side. (your story, stick to it!)


    • Amen that is exactly how most of my projects go because I start out as a perfectionist and end it with fuck it it works.


  5. “old GE electric motor” They almost never die, they just smell that way… GE doesn’t build them like that any more. You find an old GE motor and most you have to replace are the brushes and you have a motor that will outlast you.


  6. Full bubble off level? YA ever think, and it’s entirely possible with the bullshit going on throughout the world, and doubled down in the US, that maybe the thing you built is LEVEL after all, it’s the rest of the world thats all kittywampus fuckered up sideways and off level…
    Delivered equipment years ago to a storage site that was owned by a very large contractor for storing equipment & materials not in use or on a job somewhere. The guy running the yard was insistent that all things be level even if it took one ft of cribbing on one side and 3 ft on the other side, it had to be level with the rest of the world…. And he checked with a 4 ft level too…… Just a wee bit annal retentive… But hey, it worked for him and nothing fell over….ever….


    • Yeah it’s ugly.
      For now it’s doing what I need it to do, make some room so I don’t have to reach over and around shit to work on things.
      That’s why it’s so fucked up in the first place.


    • Don’t know what they are missing by not using or even knowing the old phrases! Well, hells bells Fred, they don’t know what a bubble is cause they are living in it!


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