Enough Already. Fuck, The Fuck Off

CDC director says racism is ‘serious public health threat’
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday declared racism a “serious public health threat,” becoming the largest federal agency to do so.

“Confronting the impact of racism will not be easy,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a statement published on the agency’s website. “I know that we can do this if we work together. I certainly hope you will lean in and join me.”

Who are these people and why haven’t they all been fired yet?

15 thoughts on “Enough Already. Fuck, The Fuck Off

  1. Make believe issues are easier to solve and show progress against. Why worry about AIDS, cancers, COPD, medical malpractice, and heart disease when you can tilt at the windmills of climate change and systemic racism. The Medical Society poorly trains policy applicants and then needs to find appropriate “illnesses” for them to manage or cure. Top pharma people aren’t in Philadelphia or Delaware anymore, they are in Delhi and Amsterdam or the Hague. We continue to promote people for policy reasons then wonder why we are falling behind.

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  2. Gotta keep the people fighting amongst ourselves to divert attention from a totally do nothing government.
    If we all quit letting them continually divide us and could come together on only a couple of issues we could change some things.
    Can’t have that now can they.


  3. I remember that before 2008 the US didn’t have a “racism” problem. What went so wrong in 2008 to cause this hatred?


  4. “Who are these people and why haven’t they all been fired yet?”

    Ahh..trying to interject logic into an otherwise emotional situation. They are members of the choir singing the company (party) hymns.

    These people are incompetent and have an agenda. So it doesn’t matter what the mandate of the organization is, the new one is to sing the songs. This is why NASA was concerned with Muslims during Obama’s tenure.

    From dog catcher to president, they can’t do the hard, boring work of the people’s business. They all see themselves saving the world facts be damned.


  5. Bad enough a couple of weeks ago that bunny was publicly melting down on PMS about she felt it was the end of the world. REPEAL the 19th!


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