8 thoughts on “But He Doesn’t Have Any Bugs In His Teeth So There Is That I Guess

    • Bell helmets had an add back in the 80’s. The tag line was : “If you have a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet. If your head is worth more, buy a Bell.”
      My buddy is a former EMT. Says they used to refer to guys that ride without out helmets as future organ donors.
      I will only ride fully kitted up – full suit with sliders and impact armor, full face helmet, armored gloves, and kevlar reinforced race boots. About $1000, all said and done. Not quite full race gear, but not not that far from it either. Got asked why I spent so much money on riding gear. My reply was, “It is a hell of a lot cheaper than skin graphs”.

      Whitehall, NY


  1. Have you ever hit a bug while riding that almost knocked you off the bike? I’ve kind wondered what those would do if they hit me in the mouth.


    • My ride had a large windshield/fairing. Every time I started thinking how much better it would look to take it off, something big and juicy would go SPLAT!! right about face level. Mmmmm, maybe not.
      I did have the thrill one time having a couple of yellowjackets go up the sleeve of my leathers and proceeded to sting me about shoulder level–at freeway speed of course. It was my right arm, so my left hand was trying to mash bugs and I downshifted all four gears and stopped without a clutch.


  2. I have literally Worn out 7 bikes, not the pedal version either, so I’d say I might have a clue on helmets…. Aside from the freedom restricting feeling of having the breeze blowing through your lovely locks, helmets and riding gear is the only way to go.Helmets are quieter, no bugs gravel, road crap in your eyeholes and when you have to ride in the rain it’s a whole other world of pleasant. I’ve risen through Riverside Ca. on a Hubert & 17 deg day fully kitted out in riding gear and was just a wee bit uncomfortable. Plus the human tendency to put more value on your life and health as you age comes into play as well….. Takes waaaay longer to heal up at 40-50 than it does at 20-30…


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