8 thoughts on “American Economic Realities

  1. I’ve never been in a Target. Aren’t they a French owned company?
    All I know is a cousin mentioned that when he was the grand poba of a elks lodge they were wanting to set up a table in front of one to get donations for wounded veterans and they were told that the corporate policy didn’t support any veterans groups.


  2. No your BROKE when your Dumpster Diving. The rest are nice options for low cash situations.

    Soon enough most lower and middle class Americans will know what Broke is when they have to use the Electronic Money system as NOT to have to use a Wheel Barrel to carry their weekly salary to the store as FAST as they can to buy like your in Venezuela.

    They will BAN Cash just like they changed the bits of colored paper Coupons for FOOD STAMPS into a EBT card.

    Go long seeds and gardening tools. Hunters during the last Great Depression wiped out all the Deer and other game in just a couple of years. Given the lack of hunting skills in the general public the waste and carnage on the “Wild Livestock” will get most of them in a few months. Between wounded to die rotting gut shot and general LACK of skills in field dressing-butchering will get the rest.


  3. I don’t go to Target because I’m not a millennial woman.

    A mile away is a Kroger that I refer to as ‘GhettoKroger’. I’ll drive two more miles to the nicer part of town to shop at the nicer one. That, along with the Walmart that’s 1/2 mile away, I go to when there is absolutely no alternative, and never ever on a weekend.

    What isn’t posted above? The Dollar Store, or Dollar general. Those make Walmart look like Tiffanies.


  4. Those individual ramen bowls ain’t cheap. Anyone eating those because “broke” is posing as broke.

    Flat-pack ramen in the cellophane bags are four to six per buck (10 on sale). Dozen eggs are a buck. Cook one bag ramen ($0.25), then add one egg ($0.09) to the boiling water when nearly done. That’s a broke dude meal.

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    • Mike, I lived on that stuff as a college student. I don’t think I’ve had a Ramen/egg bowl since.
      I’ve been saying for many years (only half in snark) that I’ve slept under bridges before, and can do it again if I have to, but I’m not eating cat food, unless you call tuna cat food.


  5. When I was flat-busted and sleeping in a warehouse I’d go to the 99 cent store. You could get dented cans of soup for 10 cents, and sardines for 15 cents. A box of 50 cent saltines would round it out….


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