12 thoughts on “This Made My Morning

  1. Love watching Farm Truck embarrass the other guys. I have a ’70 C-10 I’m slowly restoring. I wish I had the money to put into it that they put into Farm Truck!

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  2. Somehow, I get the feeling you won’t be able to buy that farm truck for $53…
    But it probably gets the same (or worse!) mileage than the Lambo.


  3. That is one cool truck. Nothing as much fun as an unassuming looking truck that will kick your ass. Also it looks like the Lambo driver doesn’t know how to use the launch control function. Pretty typical of those cars to belong to people that don’t know how to use them.


  4. Fuckered around and found out. Elites vs the “dirt people”. Same shit thats gonna happen when they manage to push too far who their gun control vaccine & vaccine passport, wokeness bullshit.


  5. Been there and done that! Back in the early 80’s I had taken the 9 year old farm truck that had a 300kmile 302 with a 3 on the tree transmission (72 F-100) and dropped a balanced and blueprinted 351 Windsor (now 357 CI due to being bored .030 over), duel 4-barrel, big cam, with all of the big HP tricks to have it pump out 473 HP at the crank as a daily driver. It had a Doug Nash 5-speed and a 3/4 ton narrowed 4:30 posi rear end tubbed for 16″ wide wheels on a 4 link. It was a high 12 second run at 118mph. I would hit the rev limiter in 5th gear about a car length before the quarter mile marker.

    The build was unintentional. I had the engine and transmission built for a 68 fastback 2+2 Mustang that got totaled before I could take delivery. I couldn’t find a replacement Mustang and the the farm truck that had become my daily driver broke the crank. The rear end couldn’t handle the torque and died within 6 weeks of the engine and transmission transplant. The rear was narrowed to accommodate the 16″ tires and were also studded to match a half ton pattern.

    I paid for that setup 3 times over drag racing it. The only loss’ were a nitrous/turbo setup in a Trans Am and 396 early Nova. I sold that truck to a guy a week before I reported to AF Basic training who pulled the drive-train to put into a 69 Cougar. He changed the rear to a 3:77 which made it a high 11/low 12 second car.


  6. Did the farm truck do a nitrous purge right before take off? Could see it on front window. I was a passenger in a street car with nitrous. Once the driver hit the button all I could do was pray for him to release it, cause the tires wouldn’t stop spinning no matter how fast we went and I didn’t want to die.


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