11 thoughts on “Forget Something?

  1. Whole thing was staged. No self respecting handyman would drop a board in that slot without under support for the two ends that have nothing to keep them from bending when stepped on.even if the rest is tied to the joists. Then again, could just be China or Chinafornia or Chinada..

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  2. DOH!

    Got a belly laugh out of that. Step-on-a-rake style smacks to the head are nearly as funny as nut smacks. We’re men. We laugh at these things. I can’t tell how many times I’ve had a helper do something stupid we all could laugh at.

    Geezers like me call those ‘teachable moments’.

    And I’m guessing Harry Homeowner. If it were a workman there’d be tools around.


  3. Apprentice training. Man, been on both ends of that board at one time in my life. Learning can be hard, but you remember the lessons that hurt the best.


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