This Would Be A Clue Telling You That Your Manager Needs To Be Fired

Anyone who chases off an entire crew of workers needs to be turned into cash and shown the door.

11 thoughts on “This Would Be A Clue Telling You That Your Manager Needs To Be Fired

  1. You’re probably right but maybe the customers are the problem. Just saw a story about a black chick in B King drive-thru thought food was taking too long so she got out of the car and started spraying bullets into the place through the service window.


  2. In over 30 years of running crews from 4 to 50 guys, I have only fired an entire crew twice. 14 in one day is my record.
    The 14 was out of a crew of 50. Everybody is a bridge painter until it comes time to do bridge painter stuff. The really funny part was I had about 25 guys that were regulars working for me. Half of them were laughing their asses off, the other half were nothing but assholes and elbows while I walked across the bridge sending guys home.


    • I doubt it.
      Phil, there ARE a lot of Snotflakes out there, y’know. Maybe the Manager told ’em all to either get to work or get out. You just don’t know nowadays.


    • ^^^ This. I saw a news report, maybe on CNBC, that Taco Bell was struggling to hire workers and managers … the high payouts of unemployment comp was driving potential workers to stay home. They’re having a job fair to this month in an attempt to on-board about 5,000 workers


  3. I’ve seen it go two ways – where one or two rabble-rousers gets the worker bees all excited and everyone walks. I was in a position way back in the olden days were one of the managers slept with one of the owner’s fiance. He, of course, was fired. One of the top techs got everyone in the conference room to convinced us to walk. The said owner came in and said get the F back to work, mind your own business or you’ll all be fired.

    I was pissed to be put in that position and said so. I was new. I told the fool that what that idiot did was self destructive and he deserved to be fired. No way in hell I walk over that. Dude wouldn’t talk to me for three years after.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen asshole managers that want to make their bones run off all the best workers. My daughter worked at a chipolte. She gave an employee discount to a worker that came in (off the clock). New manager fired her to make an example. She was a good, honest worker and wasn’t told the rules about discounts off the clock vs. on the clock. No deduct from paycheck thing, just fired.

    One by one over the next month or so, most everyone left.

    The manager, a diversity hire, was probably promoted.


  4. A buddy of mine told me a story of a Ruby Tuesday restaurant in McAllen Texas. The manager was a total dildo asshole. He constantly yelled at the employees for the tiniest thing wrong, and would belittle the employees in front of customers and other employees. It was his way or no way.
    The employees had enough, and every single one of them walked out one Saturday just before the noon rush. Not one returned, and the business closed…forever.
    Strength in numbers, man.


  5. If this is from Michigan I would bet they are lying. They didn’t quit they just all had the COVID. My local McDonalds doesn’t have enough employees to be open all shifts because too many are sick, same as my local gas station that was closed “for Cleaning”, for 10 days 2 weeks ago. COVID is rampant in Michigan right now.


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