Got Tow Strap?

If not it looks like these guys can “hook you up”.

Then again it might be a little overkill unless you have mining equipment, ocean going vessels or humongous aircraft laying around.

13 thoughts on “Got Tow Strap?

  1. Very impressive scale of that thing, but it’s just a very large version of a kernmantle rope. From paracord to climbing ropes, on up to this thing, they’re designed to be able to stretch under load so that force is spread out in time and absorb the stress. Still, nobody climbing wants to “take a whipper”, but at least you’d live through it.


    • I was at a Boy Scout area Jamboree about 35 years ago (running the Computer center!) and after all the Scouts went home we Counselors got the run of the place before everything was torn down.
      Well, I went up to the rappelling tower to have some fun, and when I leaned backwards to make the jump the rope GAVE! – scared the crap outta me. You see, my Dad;s ropes were hemp and did not give, and I was used to them. After about 30 seconds to slow my heart rate, I backed over the edge and had a rather fun time jumping out into practical free fall. This time, the guy running things had the heart attack until I came up there again and told him my dad was an expert at this sort of thing! He laughed, I laughed. Good times!


  2. Modern marine hawser but I still prefer old school sisal, it does not stretch as much as plastic, and when one of these plastic ones fails, just hope you are nowhere near the level at which it whips back and around. And no, you probably won’t live through it as you would be in at least 2 pieces.


  3. I have been around the marine industry for a goodly number of years and believe the breaking strength of Sampson Braid Spectron, the stuff they use on the rescue/escort tugs in Valdez, as well as elsewhere is somewhere in the neighborhood of 800,000 pounds.
    Have no doubt similar is used by tugs worldwide, and definitely in the Suez beaching.
    I was witness to the breaking of one half that size on a tug & barge up in Cordova. It was well worn and when breaking left a welt on the steel plating of the tug. Contrary to what some believe, lines under extreme stress will “talk” to you so to speak. All hands heard and vacated the area mui pronto before it parted. One loud bang…. Background was the tug, about 6,000 hp, was attempting to turn a 450 ft barge against a 45 knot sidewind while side tied.


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