Pro Tip, The Clean Ones Are Posers.

Clean Carhartts are either brand spanking new or a dead giveaway.

I have a couple pairs of Carhartt britches that had stains on them the first time I wore them.

The wife was pissed that I bought them in the first place but she was really pissed when she saw that.

They are work pants, not a fashion statement dear.

13 thoughts on “Pro Tip, The Clean Ones Are Posers.

  1. I had Carhartt coveralls I wore, until the frayed bottoms became a safety hazard. The stains would never wash out, but I never wanted them to be removed. They were my medals from years of doing something other than sitting on a second hand sofa, while waiting for a government handout.


  2. I guess I have to plead guilty here. Back when I actually went in to the office I always wore business casual and actually have some custom made clothes including French cuff shirts so I could show off my cuff link collection. Since I can’t get clothes that fit right I just went full tilt and had some made. When we went remote I switched to Carhart pocket tees, Wranglers, and Ariat boots. Just too comfortable. In my defense I can do and have done “Carhart” stuff so I throw myself on the mercy of the court. Also I always carry my tan colored Carhart insulated hoodie in the truck. That coat was great to have in the recent freeze.


  3. Sometimes looks can be deceiving. In days of old I ran a commercial truck tire & service center. I was issued uniforms of blue dress slacks and white dress shirt. These became my work around the house clothes. Passersby must have gotten a laugh at the well dressed guy pulling weeds and pushing a lawn mower!


  4. Amen! I don’t think I own any work clothes that are not frayed, stained, paint dotted, grease marked or glue splatted (that adhesive stuff NEVER comes off). Goes for the shoes and boots too. A badge of honor indeed.

    Oh, and I now have to add snags, rips and holes thanks to the new puppy terrier. All in a day;’s life and I would not want it any other way.


  5. Whenever we got another promo t-shirt from corporate management at work, my buddies and I would say “Well, here’s another oil changing shirt!”
    My jeans are Wranglers as are my better snap front dress shirts (now that I’m retired, they’re pretty much just “Sunday go to meetin’ clothes”), but I’m getting more fond all the time of my Carhartt’s. Just got a new Carhartt sweatshirt for my birthday because my wife is so disgusted at the condition of my old favorites. I’ve got a little chainsaw work to get it broke in properly.
    Carhartt’s are spendy, but quality usually is.


  6. Formal wear up here is Carhartt’s that don’t reek of jet fuel or hydraulic fluid and flannel with all the buttons. Damn things are indestructible. I was issued a set of Carhartt arctic grade coveralls when I got stationed at Eielson AFB in 95. I still wear ‘em 26 years later.


  7. Yes indeedy, the clean ones are a real giveaway, specially when you see em being worn in/around any city. Among the actual Carhartt crowd the dirtier and more fuckered up they are the higher standing you have….
    I’ve given up on the 2 layered pant styles cause of the expense and have gone to the bib overall fat farmer style, but they’re a lot harder to conceal carry with…


  8. I have a pair of Carhartt black insulated bibs that are 25 years old that have survived many a winter jobsite. They’re in the back seat of my work rig right now. I buy the pullover hoody sweatshirts too. I used to use the double legged denim pants with suspenders buttons on them but when they started making them in Mexico I couldn’t get a pair to last a whole season anymore so I switched to regular cut Wranglers. They don’t last any longer but they’re cheaper and you can get them anywhere these days.


  9. Nope. I looked at their website and the home page has pictures of people wearing them. Eight people shown, five of them black (including two black kids – the mother is borderline/questionable ethnicity).

    Looks like they have gone woke and are with the usual SJW marxists.


  10. Slightly off the subject, I still have my father’s Flight Mechanic’s overalls he wore when working on B-17’s, 24’s, and 29’s. Still going strong.
    ‘Course, fatboy doesn’t fit in ’em any more, but when I was a young warthog I wore ’em all the time. They’re from the 1930’s I believe. Olive drab, with liberal soaking of hydraulic fluid, grease, oil, and whatnot. Original buttons…


  11. Amen except the new hook system on the bib overalls is a pain in the ass. I miss the old snaps. Still wearing my old vest though. Wife the other day said we need to wash that, I had just washed it and told her so. ha ha ha ha


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