I’ve Got A Good One But….

She has her moments.

I am actually very lucky and very grateful to the Good Lord for putting us together and it isn’t like I don’t push her buttons constantly.

Just for fun.

17 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Good One But….

  1. My wife is mean and nasty.
    Such is life.
    I just picked up an 06 Dodge Durango.
    It’s got a 5.7 Hemi V8.
    I’m a Ford man and sort of can work with them.
    This is different.
    When it gets warm the slipprey when wet light comes on.
    The high voltage light comes on.
    The engine light comes on.
    It goes max 30 mph. You can give it gas but that don’t work.
    Down hill you might hit 45mph.
    Already changed out the mass air flow sensor.
    Changed out the Cam shaft positioning sensor?
    It’s located just under the alternator.
    Whatever. It just don’t work.
    It must be some sort of sensor that is shot.



    • Do you have a code reader? How many miles on it? I had a 5.7 in my 2006 Grand Cherokee, and it never missed a beat in almost 90,000 miles. I’d think maybe oxygen sensor or spark plugs, TWO per cylinder.


      • 220k miles.
        I’m pretty sure it’s not the oxygen sensors, there should be 3 of them I’m guessing.
        This problem happens only when it has warmed up.
        One is able to drive 10-15 miles or so before it starts acting up.


    • Test your battery. Check Connectors going into the Transmission. Make sure wiring going near Cats/exhaust are not fried/deteriorating. Limp mode is a bear to diagnose without a scanner. Check out your local pawn shop for one.


      • Problem is likely electronic, but don’t neglect to test fuel pressure at the engine. A dying fuel pump or plugged filter can cause seemingly unrelated problems. As said above, a code reader is essential nowadays.


        • Taking everyone’s suggestions in consideration and thanks for the input.
          Yeah, the code reader has been utilized.
          The vehicle is now back at the dealer’s.


  2. Oh, and hey Cedric.
    I was reading up on Eaton Rapids Joe’s latest and I just found out that you’re also from MI.
    Me too.
    Livingston County.
    Hartland High.


  3. Sometimes, just like the song, we get the wife we need, not the wife we want.

    Fortunately I got the wife I needed. The wife I wanted was a pipe-dream and would have left me broken or dead or both.

    We may butt heads, but she’s usually much more right, fortunately for me, than I am, as I am a dumbass.

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