Oh Now I’ve REALLY Done It!

Move over buddy, yer gonna have some company for a while I think.

So in my last post, I was hinting around about a potential score that I had found on the local Craigslist at quarter to four in the morning and couldn’t believe someone hadn’t already snatched that deal up as is what happens to me 99% of the time.

Once again, The Good Lord smiled upon my stupid little ass and I did actually manage to hook up with the guy forty miles away and seal the deal.

I think I did alright by this one, these things are getting hard to find in the first place and they are generally clapped the hell out and way over priced.

As I recall, the last three or four that I have seen in the last six to eight months had an asking price that started at $300 and two of them were being offered for $450 so I think $125 was a steal in this case.

It’s not something I really need at this point, I have just wanted one for about 5 years now.

So whattya think?

It came with two brand new blades and even a hunk of channel iron that the guy had cut off making sure it worked.

Of course now I have to find a place to put it in that already over flowing garage.

That ain’t the worst of it though.

Oh Hell No.

This guy lived way the hell out in the boonies off of the freeway in a gorgeous house with a four car garage that was literally as big as the house.

When he opened the garage door I saw the nose of a 50 Ford something sitting behind in him in the process of being restored. I didn’t get a good look but I want to say it was a convertible.

When I pointed at it he said that was for sale also.

Yeah no.

It sounded to me like this guy had way too many projects of his own and was doing a little down sizing.


Anyway, his driveway was pretty damn steep,narrow and actually did a 180 degree turn at the bottom of the hill to get into his place and I had met him and followed him back to his place to even get there so I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to things when I pulled in.

I paid him the money, said goodbye and started pulling down the driveway to make the turn and start climbing the hill when some things caught my eye off to one side.

Very Rusty Things.

I swear I have a built in magnet for that shit.

I spied at least 3 old Hit and Miss engines laying there he was using as yard decorations, among some other antique pieces.

I couldn’t stop myself.

He saw me hit the brakes and then saw the back up lights come on so he startwd wandering over to see what was up.

I stuck my head out the window and says that I see these Hit and Miss engines, what would he maybe want for one of those?

I was expecting some ridiculous answer but he only thought about it for a second before he says that he thinks one of them that is laying there scattered all apart is mostly all there and he’ll take $75 for it.

Where’s the nearest ATM machine?

A couple miles back next to the freeway is a little Truck Stop and they should have one he says.

I’ll be right back.

So yeah, like I already don’t have enough projects to keep me out of the taverns for the rest of my natural life, I just had to have the rusty carcass of a 1916 Ottawa Hit and Miss engine.

That is no miss spelling and this is what they look like before they are tore apart and thrown in the dirt for fifty years.

This is what I drug home.

The Wifely Unit ain’t wise to any of this, yet.

She has pretty much given up at this point I think.

There is still the very real possibility me and Fido might be roomies for a while yet though.

26 thoughts on “Oh Now I’ve REALLY Done It!

  1. I collect and restore those.

    Email me if you need help or advice.

    That one may be dificult to find parts for aas they are not the most common, but stil…..

    Nice find.

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    • Thanks B, I will keep you in mind because I can already say that I am going to be needing some parts and I’m sure they are as hard to find as hens teeth.


  2. Don’t even try to explain to her why you paid XX$ for a pile of rusty junk. Even if she’d understand what it is, there’s just no way to make that argument work.
    I learned in grade school that I couldn’t lie to save my life, but if I just told part of the truth and diverted their attention to something trivial, I could get away with most anything. So if I was in that pickle, I’d pick some upcoming date, birthday/Mother’s Day/anniversary/whatever, and ask her what special treat she’d like. Good luck and congrats on yer new projects.

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  3. My grand dad on my moms side was a machinist from 1917 to 1962. He did a lot of these hit or miss engines for a neighbor when he retired. He build a powered metal saw that was link a horizontal band saw. he also build a steam engine from a piece of culvert and a water pump for a bigger steam engine.

    If computers did not exist I probably would have followed him into that. Computers is cleaner but I would rather be doing stuff with Lathes, Mils and Drill Presses I think.

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  4. Nice score on both,

    We’re going to have to work on finding you a place with a bigger work area, preferably a place out in the sticks a ways with a shop instead of a garage.

    Later Phil,


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  5. never got into the hit and miss engine thing, work on a few way too many years .
    dear old dad showed me how to fit the babbit bearing in them. did the change over to winscon
    engines back then. late 1960’s think i have a bar of anti-friction metal around here somewhere,,,
    the smaller saws are the ones to get. more useful, i think. rebuilt a old big one for a friend years
    ago, he still banging into it today. uses a 18 or 20 inch blade, with legs. weights a half a ton.
    . but it will saw damn near anything in half. neat thing was the old, dull blades made great knives.
    wish you well with the new project. i like to find a old lister diesel engine myself.

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  6. I used to drink beer at an old bar right on TX/NM border between Pecos and Carlsbad. They got their elec from a genset powered by natl gas that used a motor like that. Had 2 of them. One always on standby. Desolate as hell at the time.

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    • You guys ain’t seen nothing.
      I mentioned some steel shelving I picked up for free at the recycling yard the other day. Heavy duty stuff. It was so tall that I had to disengage the garage door opener and shove it open as far back as it would go just to get it in the garage and it was all I could do to get that done. She bitched about those showing up too.
      I got to messing with them and I see it can be unbolted and taken down into two pieces.
      I wrangles with it and got it all unbolted, tried to lift the top half off and it was way too heavy to do by myself but it was loose and wanted to fall.
      I yelled for her and she had to come out and help me get that lifted up, off and down. It was too close to the Smithy and got half wedged up against the handle for the cross slide table so she had to struggle with it while I kicked it out of the way.
      We got done, I thanked her and back in the house she went.
      So for all the complaining, she is still quite The Wifely Unit I’d say.


  7. One of my former co-workers restores and collects those old engines, he has a barn full of them in pristine condition after restoration and a half dozen or more in process at any given time. If you need help, let me know. Besides, with your now growing machine shop you can likely fabricate any missing parts. Great find on that metal saw, those are functional works of art IMHO.


      • I tried it on some rusty steel 12: rulers (measuring stick 😉 ) and was not impressed, however, it is still 45 degrees out and I did not let it sit that long. So far not real impressed but it might work better in warmer conditions. Going to test it some more this summer. The video online makes it look magic – then again it is China.


  8. Once dull, the power hacksaw blades can be ground into good scrapers. (as Dave mentioned)

    The do it yourself engine kit is way cool.


  9. In the 50’s, my Dad had a business building and installing wallbeds in SanFrancisco. The power hacksaw you have is much like the one you have now. As a little girl, I was lulled to sleep by the sound of Saw-E. I still have that saw. It still works quite well.

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  10. I spend so much time in the doghouse I’ve applied for membership to the Kennel Club!
    I admire folks like you Phil, if I tried to rebuild/ repair any machinery I’d have at least 2 trips to the E.R. and a pile of parts to add to the “It will come in handy someday” collection.

    Although many years ago I did repair a .38 special French “Match Pro” revolver with a safety pin and a pair of pliers. Saved the owner $300 for a new spring. Manurhin was the make.


  11. I was going to offer you some drawings of other hit and miss engines, but I think the other folks have got you covered.

    My next engine is most likely going to be one of those, the parts are all in pdf format so I need to copy them into my CAD program and go from there. I’m sure the brands are all different in details so it won’t do you much good.


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