22 thoughts on “Must Watch Video

  1. For those waiting for Trump to save us, THIS is what YOU should be doing to save YOURSELF, your family, and your community.
    NOW is the time.
    Go back and listen to Trump’s speeches. He NEVER said, “I will have you.” or “The government will do the right thing.”
    He said “You must do it.”
    Trump is NOT a savior. Only Christ is, but even Christ’s work is finished. It is not up to US (you and I) to follow Christ’s teaching and save ourselves and make all humans free.


  2. We will continue to be Used and Abused by our own Abusive Public Servants…
    We finally figure out that there are many more of US than them…
    UNTIL We STAND UP and Proclaim that We The People are the BOSS,
    NOT the abusive public servants…
    Blessings upon this brave man and his Church…
    I Pray that ALL of America will STAND UP and Proclaim our Freedom
    from these power hungry Abusive Public Servants.
    Abusive Public Servant
    (Some assembly Required)

    MSG Grumpy


    • Just imagine what will happen if they try to take our guns away…
      Irish had a good article from somebody else speculation just how long that would last… and how hard it would be on the LE’s that tried that crap.


  3. A House of Worship is a sanctuary for the parishioners and treated that way. If the Police want to discuss anything it should be done after services are over.

    I support the Police but they should have used better judgement here.


  4. Thing is, the parishoners needed to be at his back, threateningly, to help force the officers out of their church.
    Failing that, a few lumps on the Blue Boys might send the correct messsage.
    Dude has ball though.


  5. Ahhhh.

    Thanks for that Phil. Here in Alberta, the fucks threw one of our Pastors in jail. Solitary confinement, the whole 9 yards.

    I know I am not supposed to support violence, I know it violates tenets of my faith… But I would dearly love to see some of these people get shot or at least a few strokes with the clue bat. That would be the proper way to handle these shit heads.


    • No, the tenet of our faith is we’re supposed to be mellow and reasonable about people who attack us.

      Jesus did say “If you have a cloak and not a sword, sell the cloak and buy a sword.”

      You are supposed to turn the other cheek at slights. That is small, non-physical, meaningless attacks. Nowhere does our faith say “Stand there like a schmuck and be killed.”

      Most bibles also translate the 10 Commandments wrong. It’s “Thou shall not commit murder.” Killing an overbearing member of the police state who just went all SA or Gestapo on you? That’s killing. Killing him because he tossed a beer can over your fence? That’s murder. There’s a vast difference between the two.

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  6. I’d be curious to see what their follow up will be. Maybe a zoning issue or worse some child porn will miraculously be found on his phone or computer. They won’t let that go that’s for sure.


  7. Watched the videos and he was 100 % in the right and everyone here is correct in stating that this is the attitude every single one of needs to employ towards the totalitarian state we find ourselves living in. OI am simply amazed it is taking this long for the average person to wake the fuk up and start the pushback.
    This guy is from Poland and appears to be a somewhat recent transplant to Calgary, so I’m under the impression he has close knowledge of the tyranny of the state.
    Once he lights into them demanding rightfully that they get out it’s clearly apparent they have not been treated that way before. They appear to not know how to react and their body language and demeanor appears they clearly do not know what to do, as they know they are in the wrong and someone has just called them on their shit…….
    Now let this be a lesson to everyone – push back – do not obey – do not co-operate – do not comply – Simply say NO more with any illegal action by any agency. Let Them Herd Cats! BFYTW


  8. I have a new HERO. This man is the real deal. Practices that which he preaches and minces no words. Let us all say a prayer for him.


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