I was sorely tempted to fire up the BBQ this last weekend but it didn’t work out.

With any luck at all I will be cleaning that joker up, oiling up the grates and getting ready to start in.

I literally did more grilling last year than I have in the last twenty years combined and I am really looking forward to getting started already.

18 thoughts on “Soon

  1. Looks good. You might be interested in grill mats.
    [almost] Never clean the metal grill again.
    Reusable, super easy to clean, will still put grill marks on the food. I’ll never go back.


  2. The grilles on both my propane grill and my smoker are ceramic coated. Nothing sticks including fish and just brush them off. Easy peasy


  3. Aside from breakfast, I can’t remember when I last cooked inside. Oh wait, pot of spaghetti
    sauce a couple of weeks ago. Have at it Phil, everything tastes better cooked outside.


  4. Oh Phil, Caldwell bound tomorrow… then kidney surgery soon after I get down there… And the hospital had the gall to ask if I wanted the beer virus not-vaccine just before surgery, like I want to clot up or a severe reaction while under.

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  5. Was all prepped to get mine goin’ last nite…then it started blowin’ 20 knots and snowin’ sideways. The way things are lookin’ I might get it burning some time in June.


  6. 15# pork butt going on Saturday morning. Might take it off the smoker about 6PM and toss it in the crockpot overnight like I’ve done before. Comes out so juicy and tasty, I have pork for weeks afterwards.
    And until you’ve had a pulled pork omelet, life just isn’t worth living.


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