Very Nice!

I got home from work last night and there was a big box sitting next to my recliner.

Another very generous reader sent me some goodies but would like to remain anonymous.

I can absolutely respect peoples wishes not to have their name plastered across the internet so they will remain nameless but they know who they are.

These gifts are all things I have been needing but have been hesitant to pull the trigger on and my benefactor didn’t scrimp.

An entire GALLON of Way oil and a brand new Goldenrod METAL oil can to apply it with in plus a very cool RUBBERIZED shop apron.

Someone knows what goes on in a machine shop.

Very awesome and THANK YOU!

I have been trying to talk myself into getting some Way oil but the stuff isn’t cheap and having fairly small machines, a gallon is probably going to last me years, if not the rest of my life.

Those little metal oil cans are the bomb and they aren’t cheap anymore either.

It actually holds quite a bit of oil too.

The last one I bought was plastic and there is just something about those that chaps me.

The rubberized shop apron is just genius after I stopped to think about it.

Unlike denim, the chips won’t hang up on it and the oil won’t soak into it , I can just wipe it down. Leather would also soak oil up and I tend to get a little happy with cutting oil, WD-40 etc.

So very cool and I Thank You again for your kindness and unique perspective.

It is very much appreciated!

10 thoughts on “Very Nice!

  1. Phil, I’m asking this from ignorance, not being a chip cutter myself. I watched a bloke running some jobs through his machine, he’d added a wet sump and recirculating water pump, with an all-ways directional head to constantly irrigate and flush his work piece and cutting head in a stream of fluid loaded with water-soluble cutting oil. He says the oil is very expensive, and that the sump is essential for recovering costs, but that the selectable feature is worth the equivalant of a third hand while working a complex piece. So, why not use such a feature, even with a smaller combo like your Smithy?

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    • Can you say GIANT FUCKING MESS?
      A constant flow cooling system is by far the best way to go but the spray goes everywhere. I would have to build a plexiglass containment shield around the entire machine.

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  2. I had a friend that worked on mechanical truck scales. He always carried one of those squirtilators with gasoline in it. Said it worked on everything from rattlesnakes to spiders.

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  3. I use ISO68 hydraulic oil mixed 4 to 1 with Lucas oil additive. It is sticky, and works great for older gear. It’s cheap at Tractor Supply. I went nuts and bought a 5 gallon pail of oil and a gallon of Lucas. Then wondered how to mix it!!! A small steel feed can with a tight lid and it was mixed, and now I have a chip bucket. You might use ISO 46 since you don’t see the heat we do.


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  4. The system that I saw had an articulated arm that the operator could position right onto the cutting face, with the low-viscousity fluid directed right at the job. More a stream of the fluid than a jet, the resultant wash wasn’t shielded, just running down to be recaptured and sent back. If I ever see the fellow again, I’ll try to find a way to send you a picture of his system. One thing that impressed upon me was the constant invective of curses. Mechanics and metalworkers always seem to swear a lot!

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    • Why the fuck are you talking shit about the saintly and gentle people who keep the fucking lights on and the motherfucking world turning ? There is an art to cursing you do realize. Not just any dumbshit has the finer points down like those of us who were blessed with a natural talent.

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  5. Hey Phil, I wonder how many people would look at that jug of way oil and wonder WTF? All that never had shop class in junior and high school probably. I barely remember drafting class,wood working,welding and automotive class. I’m sure glad I had them though,fix almost everything at the house and the cars too. Just finished drawing out a utility trailer that I want to build. Been a blue collar guy all my life and I’m happy I am. Some Americans would be better off if they went to trade school instead of college. They come out with a useless degree that has no practical use or reward. Now I know that higher education is great for some,my sister is a math wizard and a CPA. Anyway, thanks for your blog,first stop of the morning. Allan

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  6. There are some people in this world that can swear a blue streak, that any mechanic would be proud to be the author of. You should hear blokes making their own complex home-built aeroplane, such as the Vans RV series, if they drill in the wrong spot, or otherwise bugger up a piece of sheet metal that they’ve already spent 20-odd hours fabricating. Some of them fellas are inventive with curses!


  7. Jack of all trades, master of none. I am going to start a youtube channel called Design on the Fly. It has allowed me to learn the fine art as well.


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