Taking It To A New Level

Fucking cats.

They have a thousand ways to annoy you but this little joker has taken it to a new level.

Imagine this while you are stuck sitting on the toilet.

Then again, life ain’t always catnip and kitty treats for the little bastards sometimes.

14 thoughts on “Taking It To A New Level

  1. We have five in our glaring. My bathroom door doesn’t shut properly. I go before I feed them. Usually end up with several glaring at me in the morning. I’ve got photos but I’m not sharing.


  2. My kids did exactly #2. That cat is getting up in age but I’d bet that thing would go down swinging for any of them! Tough old kitty. They have backup. If the cat won’t, the dog will be there!


  3. Those little battery-powered bug swatters? The ones that shock the housefly or gnat?

    They’re light enough to tape to the back of the door, and wire to the metal door bumper.

    Once, twice at most, and kitty’s habit is broken forever, without any permanent harm to kitty.

    Bonus: It works on clawing screen doors too. (They still sit inside or outside and meow, but that’s just letting you know they want in and out and in and out. But they don’t use it as a scratching post anymore, so you don’t find the cat hanging 5 feet up, nor need a new screen every two months.)

    Just saying.

    Then again, if it’s just about their inner “Feed me” alarm clock, you can get one of those Cabela’s/Bass Pro adjustable-drop deer feeders, put it on a 6V or 12V adapter, and set it to dispense kitty food or dog kibble every morning whether you wake up or not. Once filled, it lasts for months. Better invention than the dishwasher, IMHO.

    Better Living Through Electrons.


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