5 out of 7 Days A Week Minimum, Every Week

As a matter of fact, I got so tired of getting ass raped buying the spray cans that I finally said Fuck It and just bought a gallon can of the stuff.

I even finally convinced The Wifely Unit to get me a big spray can of it for Valentines day.

I’m not even joking.

7 thoughts on “5 out of 7 Days A Week Minimum, Every Week

  1. That’s funny right thar. I probably should but keep no less than 2 cans on hand at all times. It contains DMSO which is the penetrating component. When I was a kid my uncle was rubbing some on his knee for arthritis it is analgesic. Then I saw a bottle at the local tractor supply store.


  2. One of my favorite gun nuts, Brigid Johnson, says that Hoppes #9 is her favorite scent; a dab behind each ear.
    I’m not real fond of WD40 as an odor, but I use a lot of it. Another scent I do like is avgas, known as 100LL. It’s the last of the leaded fuels, and smells nothing like the automotive stuff. And being what the industry calls a “boutique fuel” made in much smaller quantities, it is insanely expensive.


    • I’ve always got the memory scent of 115/145 aromatic avgas in my brain. lovely. but, I digress. I’ve got a gallon of wd and a gallon of the CRC product out in the garage. I use the CRC as a rust inhibitor and the WD for everything but contact cleaning.


  3. Back in the golden years of building mechanical maintenance, we’d buy that stuff by the gallon and mix it with 3-1 oil and use it in a pump squirt can for all the outdoor air damper linkage. Stuff worked great for years. Haven’t been able to do that for a long tome now. Office or state worker catches one whiff of WD-40 and the whole building population goes home with sick-building syndrome and with pay. Now we just replace rusted up stuff for a small fortune of course. Prices going up again.


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