Boy Howdy Does It!

I’m glad I got all that shit done yesterday because I’m gimped up like an old man today.

Wait, I am an old man now.

That might have something to do with it…

I keep forgetting about that.

16 thoughts on “Boy Howdy Does It!

  1. And from here on out it only gets worse.
    My Pappy had a pillow he loved that I inherited. It read “Screw the Golden Years”.
    Enjoy every day you have the energy and ability to work that Smithy, Friend!


  2. The pain and stiffness we seasoned citizens experience after a bit of hard work is just proof we are alive. I’m 65, split and stacked two cords of wood today, mostly oak and red maple. Feeling it but happy I can still do that!


  3. Hey Phil, if you get like Joe Biden, there will be no need to worry about aches and pain, you’ll just be wondering who the hell beat you up when you weren’t paying attention.


    • Join the club of old farts! Especially here on Phil’s Home for incorrigible, grouchy, cantankerous Old tool heads and machinist/engineer/mechanic farts club.


  4. Phil, your older post about lubricants: in this day and age, why the hell can’t we get a lube service for worn painful joints? I mean something that really works, I’ve tried glucosamine capsules and ‘magic’ creams, all expensive junk that do nothing to repair the sort of framework that no tinkerer would waste time on, but consign it to the junkpile: which is basically where many of us spend our last days.


  5. coincedence? saw this post about an hour after calling off my part time job. got some pavers and 20 bags of dirt etc yesterday. crab walking today. pissed off because it really wasn’t that much work. yea, that “golden years” line is BS!


  6. Cleaning the backyard and planting some bulbs for the wife put me down for the count for two hours in the afternoon. My mind thinks I am 12 but my body has to remind it every now and again!


  7. My moto is “getting olde sucks, but I refuse to grow up” and thats what causes the Dr. Jim syndrome spoken about above. I find it weird taking brakes during projects.


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