That Thing Wouldn’t Last An Hour Around Here

I mean I like it, it’s simple and it does the job nicely.

Wherever that is they are growing Balsa wood that big around.

We have shit around here that is so full of knots the one and only way to cut it is with a chain saw.

A splitting maul or a wedge and a sledge hammer won’t touch it.

9 thoughts on “That Thing Wouldn’t Last An Hour Around Here

  1. We’ve got some elm at camp with no knots that takes two guys about five minutes using mauls and two wedges to split a 12″ diameter x 18″ long piece. Burns hot as heck once you get it split.


    • That is why elm was favored for Windsor style chair seats- it is hard to split so the leg and seat back tenons don’t crack it. Elm for the seat, maple for the legs and rails, and ash for the bent stringer around the back.


  2. Yeah, that would’t touch most of the wood I burn here. Oak and maple would stall it for sure. Plus it doesn’t split like that, but rather needs to be forced apart, not pop apart easily.


  3. I had real good luck splitting about five cords a year of Birch, pine and fir with a $175 electric over hydraulic splitter. You get good at placing the round at the right angle. Still, some doesn’t split.


    • I was thinking the same way! Sort of indicates the turn of folks drawn here! Also, sounds like raven has some skills we need to put in the ol’ digital Rolodex.


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