Spring Has Sprung And The Battles Have Begun

Dirty sonsabitches.

The weeds growing up through the rock is just one skirmish in a multi front battle around here.

I just got back from the first of many trips that are coming to the recycling center, hauling off a truck load of yard debris and the front yard needs mowing so badly that someone left a business card on the front door yesterday offering their yard service while I was breaking my back out in the side yard.

Speaking of sore backs, oh yeah.

Got that going on the minute I got up this morning and started moving around.

I did a few stretches after some coffee and headed right back at it.

Since I didn’t eat anything all day yesterday until dinner time I am taking a quick break to eat something to help wash down the Ibuprofen I just slammed.

Next up is to drag the lawn mower out of moth balls and get it going.

I told The Kid yesterday that it needs mowing out front but it’s nice and sunny outside here at two in the afternoon and I have no idea where he is at.

As usual.

That means I am going to have to go out there and kill myself some more as soon as I am done here.

It never ends but it would be nice for once to try and get some of this crap done early before it really gets out of hand.

11 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung And The Battles Have Begun

  1. Gallon of white vinegar, 1 cup of regular ol dawn dish soap & 1/2 a cup of epsom salts. Mix well. Spray on dread weeds & wait a couple days. Kills EVERYTHING so be careful where you spray it. Works better than any commercial killer I’ve used. Areas I sprayed 3 years ago haven’t started growing anything yet.

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    • Yer on.
      I went and got all of that and mixed it as best I could. It was still too thick for my sprayer but I managed to use it all by turning it to a small stream instead of a spray. Now we wait. Next time I’m going to cut back on the Dawn a little, that was what I was having trouble with. Even half a cup ought to be enough to make it stick.
      Thanks for the recipe.
      I used it on the stuff growing through the cracks in the driveway and the sidewalks mostly.
      If it kills that shit then I am going all in and getting enough for three gallons.
      All of it came to like 12 dollars, compared to 30 for Round Up, which didn’t do a damn thing.


      • The detergent is just to cut through the natural wax coating protecting the leaves, to allow the acid and salt to do the damage. So yes, less detergent, and unless you want to continue with Epsom’s, use common salt.


    • Better living through chemistry!
      (For a quick weed killer I use boiling water poured right on the roots. It’s amazing what it does!)


  2. Same thing here. I’m trying to decide whether to buy a new garden tractor/lawnmower or pay somebody else to to do with that shit.
    I’m about to decide that sixty years is enough of that lawnmowing shit.


    • Well here’s the problem.
      “KATU News has reached out to the Portland Police Bureau about the demonstration. A spokesperson said they sent officers to the scene. For now, they are acting as liaisons to the group.”
      Instead of going down there, cracking a few eggs and hauling a bunch of social retards off to the pokey for disturbing the peace and blocking traffic and then having a tow company impound the Pink Minnow.
      Naw, lets negotiate with the kooky bastards.


      • “negotiate” has been the buzzword for “i have no balls and would ask you to agree with me” position for over 100 years, as you and everyone else here already knows. This is no different from the argument about 57 genders, or any other argument that will cause rational thought to be cursed as wrong.

        30,000 years, give or take a few hundred, of examples of decent behavior, manners, discretion, et al, and this is the modern society we have, because some people think they know better. They can get fucked.


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