A Very Busy Day And A Thank You For Another Care Package!

I am whipped.

It’s been a long day but I got quite a bit done. I had to come inside and turn on the outside lights to get finished up and finally came in and fell into my recliner at 8 PM.

On the way back from my second trip of the day up to the recycling center hauling off yard debris, I stopped and checked the mail.

There was a small box in there and when I reached in and grabbed it, it was so heavy it didn’t move!

No joke, this little box must have weighed six pounds!

I brought it in the house and soon found out why.

A reader who I will refer to as K.N sent me a whole bunch of goodies and man is he good at packing things.

All of this was crammed into that little box.


All those little taps and dies are some of the things I have been trying to find on Fleaby at a reasonable price for months. Those alone made my day!

People are asking ridiculous prices for them and they aren’t that plentiful either.

The two little shiny things next to the Sharpie are the smallest reamers I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, I had no idea they even made them that small. I have seen needles bigger than that.

Those Dead Centers will definitely get used and that Jacobs chuck is the perfect size to go along with the key less chucks I have now and the monster Jacobs chuck that STxAR over at Budget Machining sent me a couple of years ago.

Once all that stuff slid out of the little box it became very apparent why it was so heavy.

The end mills are most definitely getting used and so are the center drills. You can’t have too many of those items.


I also scored on a heavy duty cabinet with shelves at the recycling center that someone was throwing away. I asked one of the guys if they minded if I snagged it and he said go for it. He also said that if I didn’t grab it, he was going to so that should tell you it’s not a complete piece of junk. It just fit inside the bed enough for me to shut the tail gate, it’s taller than I am by a good foot.

I was out in the garage cutting up some angle iron and trying to tack weld it together to make a base for it that I can put wheels on when it finally got too dark to see out there.

I need to go get some 1/8th inch welding rod I see. I have a full box of 3/16’s 7018 but my little welder doesn’t like it. I couldn’t hardly get it to strike an arc and when it did finally light off it wouldn’t weld for shit before it shut off. I just barely got the thing tacked together before I called it a day. Some smaller rod ought to be just the ticket and that’s easy enough to come by.

So between all the yard work and messing around out in the garage, another round of Ibuprofen got washed down with some pizza and I’m pretty sure a nap is coming.

10 thoughts on “A Very Busy Day And A Thank You For Another Care Package!

  1. fuck it, im startin a blog….

    i like the constitution, freedom, guns, pretty women, beer and money

    everything is covered but the last one…over 1 pound shipments are prepaid by me


    good stuff, hope you get to use it, enjoy it and pass on to another metal man one day!!


  2. I lost 60 bucks this week—so , tip of the the day.
    Always ALWAYS put a small piece of plywood or cardboard under the spindle when taking out a brand fucking new 1/2″ ZRN coated three flute high helix aluminum cutting end mill. **Or any other end mill.
    Otherwise it can drop straight out of the collet, right smack damn down on the mill table and chip that perfect cutting edge.

    Some collets have enough spring to retain a bit when they are loosened. Some do not……including my most accurate 1/2″ collet.

    There has to be some Murphy’s law about tools , you can use a POS for 20 years, it will aggravate you every time, but as soon as you get a sweet replacement, it gets fucked up asap.


    • That’s enough to break a guys heart. I hear ya with the junk stuff too.
      Stuff you should probably just throw away but it still works every time you need it.


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