3 thoughts on “Those Who Do Not Learn From History Will Be Doomed To Repeat It Again

  1. SAT CONG.

    From Vietnam War, translation, Kill Communists.

    I write it in the road dirt on the back of my work van. Obscure? Yes, for now. The other thing I do is identify them properly, the enemy is addressed as “Comrade” as in Comrade Pelosi, Comrade Schumer. They are not leftists, liberals, nor progressives. They are Communists. They are evil, immoral, and a very deadly threat to all of humanity.


  2. Oh man, since the 2020 erect-shun there has been a disproportional incense in commie targets, So many targets so little time.
    Thankfully we got most of em cornered in da district of cartoonistan, already behind a fence…..


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