Keeping My Crazy Up To Date

OK, all together now. let’s hear it.


I’m glad you asked.

Honest, this one is COMPLETELY different from the usual fare around here although there was a sledge hammer involved briefly.

Just because.

So what did Phil do today?


Some strawberries for the birds to eat because they will get to them long before I do.

I transplanted a bunch of stuff I bought at Bi Mart a couple of weeks ago.

The crazy part of it is that it isn’t even April yet and the very real possibility that it is going to freeze at night around here for a while makes this quite the gamble.

But, the stuff was root bound to beat hell and it needed to go in the ground.

If it lives, it lives. If it dies, I’m out a few bucks and a sore back.

Then it will be another trip to get some more stuff to put back in there a bit later.

If I’m not completely crippled tomorrow I might see about getting a couple more $5 1X2’s for stakes and maybe even see about trying to get some Visqueen draped across the bed and secured.

I about shit when I saw the price of lumber up at Lowes.

Those 1X2’s were $1.99 last year.

Get a load of this, I bought 3 1X2’s, a small bundle of lath strips, a roll of Visqueen and a 1/4 sheet of decent but not high end plywood.

The total was $68!

The plywood cost me $25 all by its self.

They had quarter sheets of plywood there that cost $41!


Holy Christ that shit is outrageous now.

Oh yeah, planting onions was a double special bad idea because the Moon is waxing hard instead of waning, when you are supposed to put root vegetables in.

One thing I learned is that I need to watch my enthusiasm when buying this kind of thing.

I unwittingly bought enough of those little Red Onion sets to fill that planter up twice.

I needed the sledge hammer to drive the stakes in, now I need to get a couple more and run some string across the bed for the peas to climb on if they survive.

So there ya go, yet another adventure and a little something different to keep you on your toes.

15 thoughts on “Keeping My Crazy Up To Date

  1. Instead of buying diamond rings we will start buying wooden rings to show our love and devotion because wood is more costly then pure carbon…


    • I saw an article the other day saying that scads of people are cancelling the new houses they were going to build because the increase in the cost of lumber has added an average of 25 thousand dollars to the build.


      • My brother just signed a contract for an addition to be built to his existent house in the suburbs of portlandia and lumber costs added 24% to the original bid, about $21,000! He told the contractor: “measure once, cuss twice” but don’t you dare waste an inch of wood and he wanted all the scraps, so he can burn his expensive wood to recoup some of his costs.


  2. We have a standing rule here to never plant anything before Mother’s Day. SLW made that mistake the first Spring we were here, and lost about $100 in plants she’d just put in.


  3. Phil- instead of pvc, if you want to make a cheap cover for your raised beds, try emt conduit. Easy to bend with a hickey. Smash the ends flat and drill a couple of screw holes.


  4. Thinking of planting already! Sheesh, you be lucky, I’m still looking at a foot or more of snow sitting on my garden spot and front yard. With more in the shady areas… And I got a pile from the drive that looks like it’s gonna hang around till July……. Butt slow melt beats a flood. We got 4 seasons here, Mud (spring) Dust (summer) Smoke (fire season) & Frozen (winter) unfortunately the frozen season last 5 months…..


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  6. Phil, I have problems with my strawberries getting munched on by the squirrels and birds, so we use that green mesh that is semi-rigid (3/4″ squares.) Critters can’t gnaw through it and you can mould it to the shape you want…
    Kinda spendy but you use it year after year…


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