13 thoughts on “Big Country, Is That You?

    • It’s not linked. It’s stored in the drum in a big spiral as individual rounds pointed towards the center of the drum. The feed system has a belt of U shaped links driven by the motors that spin the whole thing. Live rounds exit the back of the drum, empties return to the front. The loading apparatus connects to the feed chutes, they run the system in forward and the empties feed out of the drum while live rounds feed in. A good weapons crew can load this thing in about 5 minutes, start to finish.


  1. It would be well worth the effort to find out, to include regular clandestine trips to Fallon and Yuma, to mine the aerial gunnery ranges for expended “spares”. (Inquiring minds wonder if Dillon sells dies for 20mm…? Or would, if asked?)

    Coupled with acquiring a suitable AFV to mount it on, complete with a proper pneumatic drive reservoir, and whatever generation capacity necessary to sustain it (diesel, turbine, Mr. Fusion, etc.).

    Run a camera from the turret, eliminate the VC and gunner, and operate the whole thing from the driver’s station.

    It could be the perfect summer project. And way better than making a Killdozer.


  2. Well If Dillon or any of the others don’t sell the dies, I’m a guessin Phil can make up a bunch on his handy dandy new toies.
    Guess it must be legal cause it ain’t a “black scary gun” and it don’t have a high capacity magazine……
    Personally though, I’d rather have the one out of the “Warthog” along with it’s “carrier group”…


  3. I’ve heard the gun isn’t terribly expensive, but the ammo requires you take out a second mortgage and sell some body parts – left kidney, left nut, left lung, that sort of thing.


  4. he’ll need a good set of brakes on that trolley or a bloody big set of chocks to keep it in place.

    Maybe Phil could help out in sourcing and fitting a set of brakes for it and take payment in range time?


    • Electrically controlled, pneumatically driven motors using bleed air off the compressor section of the engines. The 7.62 miniguns on helicopters are electrically driven. The GAU-8A on the Hawg has 2 hydraulic motors; each hooked into engine‚Äôs hydraulic system. Lose one engine, the gun still works, just at half speed.


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