11 thoughts on “I’m Down With It

  1. Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas. Ribs at $25/pound last I was there. 1 rib averages 2 and a half pounds. $65…1 rib. Worth every penny, screw what the cardiologist says. Then you continue to Southside Market in Elgin. Get a sausage wrap to go and about 10-20 pounds of the raw sausage. (Cardiologist frowns) That sausage is the point of this trip. While that settles you head into Austin to Franklin’s. 1 Pound minimum of EVERYTHING. We call that Throwdown Style. Giant platter of meat. Sides? Yes. We said a pound of EVRYTHING. Everybody dig in. Hit any 3 of the of the greats of Texas barbecue in a day and you’ve completed a trifecta. Spendy excursion so take friends. Gather with said friends the next day to smoke the sausage…WHOE! FLASHBACK! sorry


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