14 thoughts on “If You Aren’t On A Government Watch List By Now You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself

  1. I like being on lists… I am sure by being a constant pain in the ass commentator here on this blog and several other blogs that will be named later in my indictment that I am on several BIG lists of subversives and malcontents.

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  2. I’m starting local. I’ve pissed off 3 local GOP party officials and at least one elected official this week.
    Going to piss off Gahamnasty in the next couple months if I get a chance.

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      • I beg to disagree, sometimes those ‘dribbles’ are useful, especially if you get a ‘public servant’ to just do the damn job that they are paid to do, just to get rid of your annoying oversight of their bludging or empire building. Continuing the urinary analogy, sometimes when your stream has a head of pressure up, letting it rip will ensure splashback, as in getting on those lists. Especially if you’re a shooters’ rights activist, fighting evil politicians (the equivalent of 2A work in the US) and entrenched idealist bureaucrats: you definetely get put onto lists and become a marked man. My testes descended as a little kiddy, so pollies don’t like the smell when I piss all over them.

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  3. I figger if they are watching me they might be leaving someone else alone.

    I like being an irrititant to the Powers that Be.

    I figure I’ve been on at least one list or another since 2000….

    And I really don’t care.


  4. Got news…
    We all are, even the shithead pee-on expendable usefull idiot commies are on the list(S)

    Just happens Commies are Controling the lists.

    When the Commie has to Burn his or her Commrad for the cause, they already have all the INTELL.
    Just a matter of putting it together and using it.


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