Dang I Must Have Been Tired

I had to get up to pee twice last night/early morning but after that I didn’t wake up until just before two o:clock this afternoon.

The Wifely Unit had to go pick up vittles as soon as I got up and by the time she gets back and we get it all put away it will be 3:30.

The whole freaking day is pretty much shot by then.

It might take me a minute or so but I’m sure I can find some kind of trouble to get into before it gets dark.

I seem to have a talent for that.

3 thoughts on “Dang I Must Have Been Tired

  1. Just tell the wife unit to “Calm Down” for any old reason and I am sure the drama and the yelling I will be able to hear from here…. oh and it is still snowing and cold out there even as I type… shit, can’t get the thingy pasted on the back of my truck.


  2. Phil, why not provide your ‘data’ to a company that forms glans-attachments* for cargo pilots’ pisser relief bags? The ones flying cross-country in aeroplanes too small to have even a chemical toilet. Or get a catheter from Cedrex’s collection, then just sleep through when your kidneys are at work. *I read a funny article in Pacific Flyer, the author described one company being unethical, having a sweet young girl taking the measurements over the phone: which ensured that the first of such custom-made ‘knob sockets’ was useless, being too large, each middle-aged pilot’s ego responsible for padding their measurements to the girl on the phone.


  3. The older aeroplanes had relief tubes that connected to a small venturi on the outside of the fuselage. If you had to shit, you were lucky to find an old paint can somebody stowed for such matters. Some assholes were tempted to punch a small hole in it. Not gonna say who. Kinda like pulling the bottom seams apart in a puke bag. True story- small commuter staging to takeoff at DFW. On ground for a while, waiting. Panicked fat boy gets up and ask crew about bathroom. No lav on this thing. He went to back and shit in a puke bag. Not spill anything. Hero in my book.


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