The Ninth Circus Just Ruled That You Have No Right To Carry A Gun Anywhere Outside Your Home, Open Or Concealed

Once again proving that no matter how many books an idiot reads, nothing will change the fact that they are still just an Educated Idiot.


Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

Yet here we are, in The Year Of Our Lord, Two Thousand And Twenty One and these dirt stupid FUCKS still can not grasp the actual meaning of four very simple words.


The level of disingenuous personal bias they twist themselves into to come up with such rulings would make a Gordian Knot jealous.

It is Unconstitutional on it’s face and every so called judge that ruled against our God Given rights should immediately be disbarred and put to work swabbing out the bilges of a rusty Oyster dredge for the rest of their natural lives.

It is utterly inexcusable.

37 thoughts on “The Ninth Circus Just Ruled That You Have No Right To Carry A Gun Anywhere Outside Your Home, Open Or Concealed

  1. IIRC, in the SCOTUS case in Heller v. DC is a widely-ignored part of the ruling was that states could regulate open carry, they could regulate concealed carry, but they could not regulate both.
    In California, there is no open carry because Reagan signed the Mulford Act, and now no concealed carry, pretty much negating the Second Amendment.

    n Hawaii, there’s no carry either way; they’re a “No-Issue” state as regards CCW licenses. In Washington and Oregon, outside of Portland and Seattle, nobody will notice the difference. I’m predicting an upright raised middle finger in Alaska and Montana. Arizona is hard to figure; it was one of the first Constitutional Carry states, but that was before the Californicators invading.

    Interesting times…


  2. I have read both the Heller and McDonald decisions, and have the transcripts in a binder in front of me. I was pleased at the time to discover that SCOTUS decisions are, for the most part, written in English and are not hard to understand or follow.
    The biggest disappointment of the Heller decision is that Scalia, in writing the majority opinion, parsed the 2nd amendment word by word, underscoring the meaning of every word as it was understood at the time…..EXCEPT for those last four words!!! Which is to say that they dodged the issue of infringement and booted that can down the road. And here we are.
    Uncle Ted (Nugent) can say that the second amendment IS his carry permit, but he has the resources to back up that boast. I do not. I have to do my best to be the grey man, and not call the attention of Leviathan to myself. I suppose in many ways, I’m violating that OPSEC right here and now, but I’ll chance a semi-anonymous rant on a cranky blog just to have my say.


    • Scalia said he punted on those four words because he knew he couldn’t sell that big of a bite to the rest of the court, and so settled for the agreement that it was an individual right rather than a collective one.
      I suppose it was his plan to wait for another case to come along to nail down the last four words, but we all know about plans…


    • Your rant went well Greg. I noticed that Idaho doesn’t seem to be covered by the 9th Circuit Court of Appalling Idiots . I hope we dodged that one here. I am so glad I do not live in Oregon and work there. I would be tempted to be the boulder, coorsrado recent imbecile… I do not know how you or Phil and egorr and the rest of the tool nerds stand living in the Gulag Archipelago…


  3. Liberal Commiecrats ignore any law they do not agree with. Time about is fair play. The demonratz theatrically pretend they are attempting to save lives by banning guns. It is the same old sob story playing like a broken record with all the “buzz phrases” thrown in for good measure. There are plenty of gun laws on the books. If the miscreants, gangs, thugs, and CRIMINALS actually obeyed these gun laws, there would not be any gun crimes. What we have is a people problem. We know it and so do the commies. The commiecratz hate facts and the truth (a musoloid shoots up a grocery store in Boulder Colorado and they want to ban John Smith’s, who by the way has never had as much as a traffic ticket in his entire life, rifle and magazines in Alaska. The commiecratz don’t care about logic or fairness. They only want an unarmed society. On that note, there is a very simple way gun crimes could be reduced. If capital punishment was actually used the way it was designed (speedy trial and a quick execution of the sentence witnessed publicly), violent crime statistics would plummet. The bottom line is the communist in this country (and world wide for that matter) know they cannot obtain full control of the populace without first disarming the same.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis


  4. The. Commie left including about 99% of all judges infesting the judiciary care about only ONE THING….power. That goal REQUIRES that they totally disarm us. Which they intend to do now that thy have successfully overthrown our government. It’s time to start killing them…..ALL of them….NOW! It’s us or them….to the death. And we had better start fighting that war before it’s too late.


  5. Phil, you had better get that lathe busy turning out some screw on accoutrements for the tools needed to quietly dispose of those whom are loudly decreeing our destruction.


  6. I’m betting that is not the whole story. And the 9th is the most overturned court.
    Read the fine print. It will go to the Supremes.


    • The WT story says “all” judges that is likely factually incorrect since there are 29 judgeships.
      I’m not an expert, just don’t believe anything from anyone any more.
      Look what’s going on with Sidney Powell stories.
      Either research for yourself or wait a few days for the facts.


      • The link Phil has in his story indicates this was heard before eleven judges, 9 of them in favor of gun control, and two dissented. As Phil says, the 2nd amendment is in plain fucking english.


        • Interesting, one story I scanned said 7-4. The ruling needs more research to understand.
          While things are in “plain English”, what does ” pursuit of happiness” mean?
          To you? To the men who approved that wording?
          Why did they choose those words instead of “property” which was part of Locke’s trilogy?
          Plain English isn’t always so plain.


    • Not that I trust scotus anymore after their cowardess. We were told trump got good judges on the ninth, maybe not enough so that is out the window labeled failure.

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      • Take the time to look at the judges list. Those 11 were NOT all the judges. I think there are 29, so despite one story saying “all” I don’t think that is right.
        It may not have even been an “en banc”.
        Maybe search ” how does a circuit court work?”


  7. I wonder how long it’s gonna take before Gabbling Nuisance cancels every CCW permit in California. (Except DiFi’s of course.)


    • I was tired of fighting the demons (voices) in my head so now I just feed them… When I wake up in the morning and as I sit there at the edge of the bed my demons are arguing on who gets to be in charge today, so I don’t know who I will be that day.


  8. Had the 2020 election not been brazenly stolen with visibility from satellites in space, by Stevie Wonder, Trump was two judge appointments from tipping the 9th Circus from majority whacktard to majority constitutionalist.

    It appears they want to test their legal theories by assuming that they themselves are actually bulletproof, and in perpetuity.
    I don’t think all the tens of millions of citizens in their jurisdiction will allow that theory to stand untested for very much longer.

    Thus spiciness approacheth for all. Conduct and prepare yourselves accordingly.

    May you live in interesting times.

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    • Thats what we were led to believe about his supreme court appointees too. Didn’t take long for them to show they are just go along to get along deepstate hacks following robert’s lead. Thank God for Clarence Thomas, he cant win any battles by himself but at least his scathing dissents shine light on the commie overtaking of the rest of the court.

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  9. Since the ninth circus seems to think they can define words just how they please, then for me to define words is equally as appropriate.
    My definition of your food can be obtained in the grocery store means NO FOOD FOR YOU ASSWIPE.
    Time to shut the entire shiteree down, let em have something a bit more serious to worry about besides if I have a gun or not. Think bout how long you’re going to survive .
    Burn the entire fucking thing down, I’m sick of listening to their bullshit… I’ll take all comers, I need the fertilizer……


  10. I will keep saying this:
    * the key is ‘necessary’.
    Military weapons held, bought/sold, trained with by each free individual are necessary.

    Of course, without a ‘free state’, I have only two ‘necessities’ — death and taxes.

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  11. Yeah, now find somebody stupid enough to go and enforce it anywhere in AK, MT, AZ, and most of OR and WA. Ain’t holding my breath. Really wanna try and tell one of those trappers living in the ANWR they have to leave their pistol in the cabin?


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