The “Assault Weapons” That The Commies Want To Ban So Badly Will Still Be Around Long After They Are Dead And Gone

I’d say it’s a safe bet that out of a couple hundred MILLION “Evil Black Rifles” in this country, almost none of them will just magically turn into dust and disappear anytime soon no matter how badly the stupid fuckers wish they would.

This is why they are also so desperate to get records on as many of them as they can.

Records that can then be used to force people to turn them in.

Don’t kid yourself, in this age of technology they most certainly have the capability to literally starve you out by making it impossible for you to access money and services.

Remember how they can put $1400 in your bank account?

They can also take everything you have in there out just as easily, freeze your account, disable your debit and credit cards and make it impossible for you to live a normal modern life.

All with the click of a button.

If you think for one second they won’t do that then I have a bridge to sell you.

While you still have funds that can be fleeced.

There is a reason your Grandparents didn’t trust banks.

I have been watching our economy blow up like a drowned pig in a hot swamp for years now.

The fact that they are intentionally destroying it is yet another thing they aren’t bothering to hide anymore.

I’m thinking that “Evil Black Rifle” they want to get from you so badly might wind up being worth more than just about anything you own right at the moment here in the not too distant future.

It might be the only thing that keeps you alive in the long run.

It’s a sure bet at this point that these dumbasses are feeling Froggy enough to jump and foolish enough to Fuck Around And Find Out.

They think they have this in the bag. That’s what these False Flag shootings have been about lately.

If you don’t think these are planned then I will dig around and pull another bridge out to sell you at half price.

You obviously haven’t been paying attention.

The thing is, a whole bunch of people, me included, saw this coming the second that Joe Chi Minh and pResident Kumallah got installed.

We knew what the playbook was and they didn’t disappoint.

Now here we are.

I have purposely tuned out most politics for the last month or so.

It’s been even worse Kabuki Theater than usual and it just doesn’t fucking matter anymore.

Every fucking bit of it is illegitimate at this point.

This is going to wind up being a fight to the death and it’s going to be Winner Take All.

Because you can’t ban what is already out there. You might as well try banning the wind.

And what is already out there is more personal firepower than all the major armies on the planet combined.

All owned and operated by the single most obstinate and devious people the world has ever known.

People that used to be Americans.

Since they killed that too, we are basically a people without a country right at the moment.

It’s The United States Of America in name only at this point.

Just another little score that needs to be settled.

I literally predicted a hot Civil War in this country was coming ten years ago.

Place yer bets gentlemen, the game is fixing to start pretty soon.

13 thoughts on “The “Assault Weapons” That The Commies Want To Ban So Badly Will Still Be Around Long After They Are Dead And Gone

  1. The fact that you can’t find ammo for them and all primers being about non-existent is a big tell.

    Can’t argue with any of this. All up to how the military handles it.


  2. If you don’t have ammo for your EBR, you haven’t been paying attention for far too long. Yes, we’d all like more as there’s no such thing as too much ammo, but that’s another reason for arming yourselves in common calibers. Scavenge ammo from the dearly departed on either side of the fire line.
    Just came here from another blog talking about not screwing with the IRS. The bottom line being that you have to choose your battles in life, and taking on Leviathan directly is a fools errand. Those of us who just want to be left alone will be confronted soon enough with battles we cannot refuse to engage. Things are going to get very, very ugly in the too near future. Prep for all contingencies, including not having an internet anymore.

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