Is Your Android Phone Suddenly Boinked? Thank Google. There Is A Fix


I noticed it last night at work when my Proton Mail App shit all over the bed.

Since I am kind of overdue for a new phone anyway, I thought maybe that was the culprit so I restarted it. A few times.

That didn’t fix it.

Every time I tried to open up a message in the Inbox the thing would shut down. It gave me an opportunity once to report the crash to Proton Mail so I did.

They sent a reply but you guessed it, I couldn’t open it to read it.

Then I noticed some of other Apps weren’t working either.

Gmail, Google Search, Defender, all kinds of things were crashing.

I’ll be damned if I can remember what I did, refreshed the apps or something but I finally got Proton Mail to work ONE TIME.

That was enough. I was able to read the reply from the tech guy at Proton Mail.

First thing he says is that it isn’t their fault.

Second thing he does is point a bony finger of fate straight at Google.

To whit,


Thank you for contacting us and we apologize for the inconvenience.

This is an Android problem and it’s not caused by us and it’s a Google bug from their WebView system component.
You can go through the article below to learn more about this and how to fix it.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Kind regards,

Customer Support

There’s your fix.

Click that link and follow the destructions.

Hopefully it works for you.

It didn’t for me right away, of course.

I couldn’t find this Android System WebView app they were talking about.

So I went and found it to install it, then it said I had it but I’ll be damned if I could find it so I installed it again, THEN I disabled the bastard.


Google says they fixed their fuck up.

I can’t prove that one way or another.

All I know is that this is what I finally had to do to fix the fucker.

Good luck and thanks a lot Google.


15 thoughts on “Is Your Android Phone Suddenly Boinked? Thank Google. There Is A Fix

  1. I have automatic updates turned off on my Android. I only update apps I care about and use, and Google crap isn’t on that list. I have not updated anything Google since I got the phone.


    • Hopefully, you do install the security fixes.
      Also, if you don’t care about an app, uninstall it. If it is bloatware you usually can’t uninstall but you can Disable. Just make sure disabling doesn’t cause some issue with one of the apps you care about.


  2. My non-binary offspring (/s) says “Thank you.” It fixed (not sure what their preferred pronoun is) her problem with a Samsung Galaxy S10e that had been recently updated to Android 11/UI 3.1.

    I thought it was a problem with Android 11 since the S10 was reported to have issues but it turned out to be the one you had. Thanks.

    I have a garage full of stuff. You are welcome to almost any of it. The same goes for the attic, closets, half of my other offspring’s room as well. Heck, you’re welcome to the occupant of the other half of that room too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ಠﭛಠ };-) (evil grin emoticons, TILT there are a lot of variations, the second one is the Japanese version)


  3. My wife and I have identical phones. Hers is bugged, mine is not. Who knows. I tried using the web to get a fix but nothing so far has worked. I dl’d her phone list and all her pics and I guess the next step is a complete reset.


  4. From what I’ve discovered about the so called “modern” whirled with it’s plethoras of technological inventions, is that technology is not human friendly. It is merely an aberration of naturally produced items throughout nature. And that encompasses all aspects of your life.
    Last I heard the rotary phone never had such issues, when used as it was designed for. Use it as a hammer, well, that ain’t gonna work so well, you know, cause of the design parameters…
    The more you require one item to do the work of more and more of everything well, more and more issues are gonna crop up. My silly assed phone works wonders as a paper weight, and is mostly used for just that……..
    Consider the lovely tire – it’s round – won’t work any other way – the more it gets updated and redesigned – it’s still round – won’t work any other way…..


  5. This is why my husband and I will NOT get smartphones. Don’t need an electronic spy in my pocket, and especially one that acts stranger and stranger the more you update/add apps. Way too much malware. We’ll stick with our flip phones. They’re only semi spies. And we don’t get any apps for them either. Its occasionally inconvenient, but that’s okay.


  6. Same damned thing here. Phone started acting up yesterday, kept telling me app after app “stopped working”. halting the apps did nothing. Went online and could not find a fix other than backing up all the data and all the apps, resetting the phone to factory spec, then re-installing all the apps and data. Pain in the ass, took about 3 hours out of my day, but is all back sort of normal. Of course Google “updated” their entire appearance and I have not yet figured out how to get it to look and act like it did before (if this is even possible). Bloody hate the company but Apple is even more of a pain to me, so I endure.


  7. Thanks for the heads up and links. I’ll keep them for reference, but so far no problems with Android. I don’t install “apps”, I un-install them, and the Samsung ones that I can’t uninstall, I disable if possible. I did download the Brave browser, and I get this blog on it. Other than a phone or text machine, I only use it for internet when we’re on the road, and then only for a few blogs and nooz.
    I hate futzing with software with a passion, so I’m too lazy to try a Linux alternative to Android or Apple. But I have two brothers now who’ve gone to Protonmail, and I will too when I can work up the ambition to do it.


  8. My wife (Android phone) and I (Android tablet) had the same problem. We were able to download the updates and fix it, but it was a PITA.

    But what this demonstrates to me is that Google and/or .gov has the ability to basically shut down the Internet at will; not by any grand conspiracy, but more easily (and deniably) through a “bug” whenever they want.

    There’s a reason .gov gave Google a monopoly, and it doesn’t have anything to do with a “free market”.


  9. My wife’s phone and mine went bonkers at the same time – I suspected a virus, even though I have my phone (Samscum S7) locked down pretty tight. Called our Cellular provider after an hour on the phone, they said it wasn’t them and my call was the fifth one reporting the same problem. Okay, TRIED to call Samscum and got told the waiting time for the queue was… 1-1/2 hours! Hung up.

    Read your blog, went to upgrade Android System Werbview on the wifely Unit’s phone, a Samscum A10e, and it took TWO hours on the Play Store site to finally get the download to upgrade ASWebview, then Google. Guess the site was groaning under the load of people doing the upgrade(s)! On mine I had to Disable ASWebview, everything started working again – I have Play Store disabled, mine is so locked down… I thought. Time to scrub the phone and get rid of the Google-biased OS and go to a Linux-based OS that doesn’t try to do things behind my back!


    • I have the same phone egorr. If you get an OS to work that isn’t Google or Apple, please report back here, there are a lot of us who will be very interested.


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