9 thoughts on “Future Feature Attraction

  1. Best of luck with that thing. I broke more taps using my mill’s dedicated tapper than trying to tap cast iron after drilling the hole 2x too small and using a pipe wrench to hold the taps.
    No, seriously. When they work, they’re a work of art.
    But I kept some poor bastard employed at Travers Tool for at least 6 months with all the shit I broke trying to use mine..


  2. I’ve looked at those in the tool catalogs and drooled. I’m thinking they’re like $500.

    I’ve ended up only tapping by hand, with a pin in a Jacobs chuck in the mill to make sure I keep it straight and don’t get off vertical. On the positive side, my supply of taps hasn’t needed any refills lately. On the negative side, it’s slow and my shoulders end up hurting.


  3. Congratulations. Used to do that in a prod environment. Let the tap go in then slap the press into reverse and back it back out. Would probably break a tap doing that now but I had a touch back then.


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