Cut It Too Short

Fucking cat reminds me of our little Murder Princess. They should have made this video longer.

Now then, would one of you please let me know where I have heard that tune from before?

I want to say it was a movie.

Maybe even the name of it and the band?

That kind of thing drives me crazy.

7 thoughts on “Cut It Too Short

  1. From the post title, I thought it was another adventure in machine shop. I’m a guy who once cut an entire row of rafters six inches too short. Damn hard to stretch them. And working as a layout carpenter, with the framers pushing my ass to throw marks on lumber as fast as I could, we had a whole floor framed up to discover that the hallway had no doors to the rooms.


  2. If you have a smartphone, get the free app Shazam. Just tap it to listen to a tun and it will tell you what it is if it was recorded commercially.


  3. No self respecting cat would ever walk on a leash wearing a safety vest.
    Either let them out free to pee and poo, and go find something to stalk and kill, or let them alone.

    That’s an embarrassment for the cat and the owner, and even metal music doesn’t erase the shame.


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