Raise Your Hand If You Heard About The Massive Freedom Day Rallies All Over The World Yesterday



Yeah, I didn’t think so.

14 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If You Heard About The Massive Freedom Day Rallies All Over The World Yesterday

  1. Didn’t hear about it until after they were over.

    Someone in DC did a great job of blocking the info – or maybe it was fake book or twatter ? Or all of the above ?

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        • Then Citizen Free Press .com is a good place to start.
          Do you prefer to watch video? I don’t, but would be happy to make suggestions.
          I listen to podcasts. More for analysis than news. ToreSays is a good one.
          Tim Pool covers a lot of stories and isn’t too bad. A bit lukewarm but if you ignore that worthwhile.
          Both of those do video but I only listen.


  2. I am a mushroom, kept in shit and in the dark…. I did not hear, but then again if we had one in our little corner of Idaho, we celebrate it anyway, we go mask-less and we get within 6 feet of others and we carry open, so it is a celebration anyway. Oh and we can tell our governor to fuck himself with out worry about a swat scrum.

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    • Oh yeah he was there.
      I Was aware of them taking place.
      Besides these blogs, I go to Brighteon.com a lot.
      There is a lot of things happening out there.
      Since I don’t have tv I’m searching many places for information.


  3. I wouldn’t have heard about it…I was on the range for most of the day, and then in my man cave cleaning my tools….then had something to eat, then relaxed and read for a bit.

    Nothing in the news today that I saw, save your post.


  4. Never heard about it but then again I don’t pay that much attention to anything “news” related since xi ping ding dong slojo started the latest commie regime.. Sorta an in-dick-ah-shun of the pent up fury to be released upon the cosmos once those who don’t wanna get involved are pushed beyond the limit…….. All it takes is ONE, and after that it’s all downhill. It’ll splode whirled wyde in a short hurry… People are NOT getting pissed, They ARE pissed. They just don’t realize they are pissed……..


  5. I heard about it, but knew of nothing going on near me. So i went to several stores, and took my face diaper off inside. Told several other shoppers it was Freedom Day, and this is how they too should be acting. Don’t know if I started a trend, but I didn’t get arrested or thrown out.

    so if we can do it once, let’s do it again. How about every day is Freedom Day, and the statists can go F off?


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