We Made It! Winter Is Officially Over!


I for one am looking forward to the days getting longer and the temperatures getting warmer.

The list of shit I want to get done this year is pretty long and the weather is going to be dictating a bunch of that.

Of course Spring around here is pretty much a state of mind because it’s going to be rainy until July like always but there will be breaks in it and the occasional Sunny day.

I am very much looking forward to those.

There is a raised bed out back that has been unusable because there was an untrimmed Apple tree that covered the thing almost completely. That fell over last year and got removed.

There are Strawberry plants, some peas and some onion sets that I have been ferrying in and out of the garage at night for a week or so sitting outside as I type.

It’s warm enough tonight and they have been slowly getting hardened off. It’s still pretty much too damned early to be putting in a garden around here but I am going to roll the dice and stick them in the ground.

A roll of plastic sheeting will be a temporary green house until it warms up more.

Then later on there will be some container gardening going on around here.

Most people don’t know it but I love gardening, it’s just that I haven’t really had a decent spot to have one for the last ten years now.

That is going to change.

I literally had a small garden behind the garage when I was ten years old and I also had a fair sized one when I lived in the trailer park right before I hooked up with the Wifely Unit so I am no rookie by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s way past time to get a little dirty again.

16 thoughts on “We Made It! Winter Is Officially Over!

  1. I too like gardening. Here I have to do container gardening. Something about getting your hands dirty and then eating what ya grew, even if it cost more to grow a tomato vine then what you would pay for a clutch of tomatoes at the store. Beefsteak tomatoes are the best! then comes potatoes and radishes.


  2. Last year out here in the Oregon Outback we had six nights of frost in June and two in the first week of July. I lost count of how many times we planted beans, but we finally got enough for a few servings at dinner but not enough to can. So where is all that warble gloming I keep hearing about?


  3. Winter’s over. Except I still have 2 feet of snow, the temps at night still drop below 0F and the river Ice is 4 feet thick. We do see double digit positive temps during the day at least. This is the time of year in Interior Alaska when it’s too cold to do anything and it’s too warm to do anything….


  4. Container plants. After fighting the weed invasion for 10 years, everything of value now is out of the ground and in large pots other than a couple Peony since those are hard to transplant, and some large bushes.
    Weed Impede every 3 months eliminates weeding around in-ground plants (pre-emergent stops seeds from germinating) and anything far enough away from the plant (so I don’t treat that dirt) gets blasted with Ground Clear or its base ingredient products when some weed pops out of the ground as I smile, blast them, and move on. 3 solid weeks of weeding down to a couple hours now.

    Tomatoes fwiw, here in Cincinnati, one of the markets sells Amish grown. Man, they are heavy. No air inside, about the size of softballs, and the best I’ve ever tasted including all the ones we’ve grown.


    • kidme, I used upright freezers that were no longer good and took the door off and the guts out and then in the back drill a few holes through, laid them on their backs on cement blocks, put landscape fabric on the bottom then filled with 1/2″ crushed gravel about 2 to 3 inches then fill with good top soil and planted everything but corn and green beans and peas in them. Not only were they tall enough to not stoop over like manual, but the dirt was insulated and was easy to build cold frames over them until frost was gone. Another is ground bugs would not crawl up a white sides and my back was happy and got good veges using them.

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  5. Autumn is here in far north Queensland, Phil. Temps are 75 – 95F. 23 – 35C, humidity of 65 – 95% and a UV Index of 12 (extreme). That means you can go out in the sunshine, instead of the bloody summer indexes of 16 (very extreme). True white man’s weather will be here by May.


  6. The weather is getting nice here in SC already. I’ve got the USDA helping me with
    dispatching (aka killing) some Beavers that are causing flooding out at the pond. This
    one was “dispatched” a few weeks ago and weighed nearly 50#. A female, so no more
    baby Beavers outta this one. https://imgur.com/H1za50r

    Once everything dries up around the spillway, it’ll be take the tractor down there and
    dig out all the mud and sticks the little b*stards have piled up and re-hab the area.


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