13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Down In Wirecutter’s Hood

  1. Possums are very useful animals: barbecues never require a greasy cleanup if you have a possum in any of your trees. Granted, they can be a bit noisy if they have a party on your roof, but that is another good reason to have a resident carpet snake or scrub python living there, apart from keeping cats away. I think Wirecutter had a cat nearly suffocate him as a baby, but his mum told him it was an opossum did it.


  2. The fact that there are multiple folks willing to deliberately jerk the chain of the original sign-poster for the entertainment of their neighbors speaks well for the health of that community.


    • However, to really commit to the comedy, they probably should have put up “Mole pitcher”, “Turd Burglar”, and “Chicken Choker” signs, among others.

      Just saying.


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