6 thoughts on “I Used To Love These Things

  1. In the early ’90s, I was working on a job that was a satellite for the JPL. We were all isolated away from the rest of engineering because we needed clean rooms to work on the flight hardware.

    Somebody got the idea to get a big container of those like they’d have in a store and left it out in the open with a “take one” sign so that people ate them several hours a day. You could have one in your mouth in the clean room and keep a couple more in your white coat’s pockets.

    I got tired of them and haven’t had one since then, but I still remember the taste.


  2. I used to buy them from Costco in the large (plastic) jars, but kinda got out of the habit of “eating” them. I don’t miss ’em.
    The kids never wanted any, I had ’em all to myself!


  3. Great Pogi Bait. Can’t get them in the original size anymore – just tiny little things. I keep a half-dozen in my tackle bag.


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