Please, Hold The Applause

Lol, like I need to worry about THAT.

Yer all probably too busy holding your sides trying to keep from busting a gut laughing.

However, I am undaunted by your scorn and derision Dad Gummit!

I am forging on in my further edumacation in the arcane arts of making littler things out of bigger things metallic.

To whit;

Yes sir ladies and gentlemen, The Rookie done made himself an arbor.



Sometimes I amaze even myself.

I did discover that the tail stock was way out of line off to one side when I was trying to drill the hole in the end of that thing.

I eyeballed it and got it fairly close but I am going to have to dig out the Dead Centers that were gifted to me and get that thing lined up proper by making a Test Bar.

It’s coming.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have had to way too much to do lately in my time away from work and I wanted to make some chips dammit.

I feel much better now.

6 thoughts on “Please, Hold The Applause

  1. Making chips is cathartic… I thought that monkey was perhaps an offspring of yours, but upon closer examination there is intelligence behind the eyes… so, nope, not yours…..heh….


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