Joe Chi Minh Is Going To Fuck Around And Break A Hip

3 fucking times the senile old pedophile fell down on the same flight of stairs.

That’s supposed to be the guy who won a Presidential election in a landslide.

Fucking guy can’t even walk anymore and he is talking shit to Putin?

No wonder Putin was laughing.

These Liberals ought to be charged with Elderly Abuse for this.

It’s an embarrassment to this country.


One step closer to the end of the Commies.

They think they have the world by the balls right now.

The truth is that they don’t have the faintest grasp on the situation and it’s all a facade.

I can only imagine the in fighting and back stabbing that is going on in the halls of power right now because even Ray Charles could see there isn’t anyone in charge of that shit show.

That means there are power struggles going on behind the scenes 24/7 and I would imagine as cut throat and power hungry these fucking animals are that it is probably making The Hunger Games look like a Sunday Social.

Even better.

20 thoughts on “Joe Chi Minh Is Going To Fuck Around And Break A Hip

  1. What the hell kind of wretched wench is notadoctor Jill Biden? Why would any decent person put any dementia patient through something like this? I hate Lord Haw Haw with the fire of a thousand suns, but putting him on the national stage is despicable. Apparently the notadoctor is all OK with it.


    • It’s all about her, she wanted to be First Lady. I’m sure it will look Real Good in the Story of Her Life to the demons running Hell, but that’s just my stoopid opinion.


  2. “Dr” Jill is quietly negotiating her exit deal behind the scenes, probably the VP slot at best; a cabinet position at worst. Either way, she ain’t gonna go without a fight.


  3. i been watching slojoe feebly totter around for a year or so, but now you’re telling me he ran up those steps, tripping yes, but ran up them and had the oxygen to stand up straight, render a salute, twirl around and jaunt off into the plane? and how is he so skinny all of a sudden?


  4. I hate to disagree, but Valerie Jarret is running the show, just like she did during the Obozo administration. A more evil, unelected bureaucrat has never existed. She got more tricks than Rasputin and Cardinal Richelieu combined. She was the author of closing all of the parks and monuments, including the Vietnam and WWII memorials, in DC during the last .gov shutdown. She’s also the architect of all those EO’s that were issued the first week of the Usurper’s tenure reversing a lot of Trump’s policy’s and causing the loss of 30,000 jobs on Jan 21st.


  5. So he tripped. You’ve never? Fortunately he can still drink a glass of water with one hand, ride a bicycle and walk more than 50 ft without a golf cart.


    • So did President Ford, but he could string together coherent responses and answers and accurately ask a question or make a statement and not flub a teleprompter prompt…

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      • President Ford was actually a highly skilled athlete, an Eagle Scout back when it meant something, and made a fortune on the lecture circuit after his short presidency. I’d like to see Bozo Biden out on the lecture circuit. If Ford had won instead of the imbecile Carter we’d be in a different place now. Looking back Ford only lost by a few percentage points so that was probably fraud too.


        • I agree Mikey with ya! Ford was two years ahead of my father when they attended MSU, go Spartans! My dad said he was quite the athlete when in college.


  6. Alzheimer’s is progressive and irreversible. He’s already lost substantial cognitive function, and now he’s losing his physical abilities as well.

    He’s a half-term president.

    And while he probably shat himself on that botched ascent, it’s a cinch that his industrial-strength Depends caught the blast and contained it.

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  7. The other time Biden stumbled on the stairs is more significant:

    6 minutes in, a lot of smoke is coming from either the plane or the stairs, yet no one does anything and the plane takes off as if nothing unusual happened!

    People have also remarked on the unusually un-spiffy vehicle that Biden rode in.

    Back when the video came out, I read through hundreds of comments, and less than 1% were supportive of Biden. Apparently no one would miss him if his plane fell out of the sky.

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