8 thoughts on “It’s On My List

  1. I picked up my TiG Mate two years ago for $700. I beat out a PILE of people that emailed / called the guy. Of course, being that much interest in it, there was no room for haggling. Nice thing about it also is I can change over to stick welding with a cable change and a flick of a switch.

    I welded up a rear rim on a 2016 Polaris RZR, after a stone got jammed between it and the suspension. I saved a $310 rim and all it cost him was a six pack. Plus I got to get some more aluminum welding practice. 🙂

    Whitehall, NY


  2. This is what I blew a tax return on one year.
    Between the plasma and TIG, I’ve put a lot of hours on it, and it still still works like a champ. You can TIG together 2 razor blades if you want, you can TIG together 3/8″ plate all day long. Plasma has been used when liquid wrench has failed (Ranger spring shackles) and shit-tons of 3/16-3/8″ steel. It’s not that great on 1/2″, but it does work. I’ve persuaded a few 5/8″ bolts to yield as well. Have never used the stick yet, but having the option is always nice.


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