Whaddya Got? Open Thread

It’s 4:02 in the morning and I am falling asleep at the keyboard here.

Go ahead and spill whatever is on your mind.

I’m going to bed.

24 thoughts on “Whaddya Got? Open Thread

  1. Filed an FOIA request for an ‘investigation’ that was done on me at work. I made some comments on a social media site, not work related and never ever mentioned where I worked. Next thing you know, there are 2 investigators in my office asking questions, with print-outs of the posts in question. There’s a good chance it wasn’t official, and if not official…well…lets just say my pending retirement in under 350 days just might have a little more $$$$ in the kitty when we’re done.


    • You’re closer than me, I have exactly 1111 days until retirement (company bought out by a bigger one, hope they offer me a buyout!). Then it’s consulting back with the existing company ‘cuz Social Insecurity doesn’t pay enough to keep me happy.

      The ground is thawing, woodpeckers outside hammering on trees looking for mates and some Spring birds are back. Sure enjoy this time of year!


      • 1495 days here…..but who is counting? 62…that is it. I will work duing the winter and do my thing during the spring and summer. Between Social Security, military retirement, investments, and the “off the books” stuff…..looking forward to it!


          • Social security at 62 is what I did.

            90 days before my 62nd birthday I filed the paperwork.
            The month I turned 62 (Feb) is the month it started.
            The next full month (March) they put that money away.
            On the 4th Wednesday in April I received my first payment (the money they put aside for me in March).


    • Be very,very careful about telling folks how many days you have left……I got pushed out of my job because, (officially) “You can’t keep up”. Mainly because I was less then a year away from retirement and the millenial chica didn’t like old men. Didn’t matter that I had a stellar career with that company or that I would always correct the chicas mistakes she had in the paperwork…..


  2. Waking up every damn day and doing whatever the hell you want to do is a very nice thing. Caution your spouse does not create an agenda for you. I received this warning from Dad and Father in Law. I wish you a speedy trip to that day.


  3. Just wondering, has anyone heard from Notwende, AKA Herr Doktor Unfuck U? It’s not unknown for blog owners less industrious than Phil to leave their blogs untouched for a while, if work/family/personal or health issues intrude, but it’s been nearly a month since Unfuck’s last update. Maybe the Doktor locked himself out of Unfuck U Towers Asylum, or Führer Kurz had him thrown into Corona gaol?


      • Cool, DR, no worries. Now that Queensland is accepting international flights again, you can resume your application for lifeguard at that gay beach resort. Don’t forget the sunblock.


  4. I’ve been seeing a lot of people wearing US flag face masks. Funny (and fitting) that what used to be a symbol of freedom is being used to muzzle and restrict free expression.


  5. Mine will be minus 2 years around the first of May, and the Honey-Do’s are still piled up. The Wifely Unit is not responsible for most of ’em, either.

    Here’s hoping Notwende is happy and healthy somewhere near a land called Austria!


  6. Retired early several years ago. Could have worked 4 more years for an extra $100 a month in Social Insecurity. As an RN I can work one shift a month and more than make up the difference.
    Weather here in Wyoming is starting to change. Soon I will be able to finish building my training facility and begin to offer NRA classes, which meet training requirements for concealed firearm permit -as well as other training. My home range is limited to 375 yards, but good enough for most folks.


  7. Less than 2 years for me. 40+ years of fighting bad airplane design is more than enough. Bought the retirement compound in the middle of the Alaskan bush a few years back, The cabin’s built, the moat’s dug, the battlements and portcullis are done….all I need is some idiot politician’s head on a pike at the entrance to the trail and I’m set.


  8. Retirement? Heck, I’m going to be working until they roll me into a hole in the ground. Even if my retirement account fat, I don’t actually expect to be able to USE that money.

    Related note to my fellow Oregonians: What sounds better, “Mad Kate” or “Jackboots Brown”? Personally, I lean toward the Jackboots one, but I’m open minded to other options.


  9. They are bussing illegal immigrant children over to the convention center in Dallas. The thing I never hear pro open border people talk about is that an open border policy hurts kids because it encourages people to come across and they end up in a detention center or worse. Much worse. Libtards are bad for kids. That is if they even let them be born.


  10. I have a 5 year old Colt 1911 9mm Government model. It has 14 to 15K rounds through it and all I have doe done is a field strip for cleaning. It became a jam-o-matic 2 months ago. New springs ordered and stripped to the frame. All previous 1911’s strip down have been series 70. My 1911 is a series 80. And I had extra parts. It took me 3 hours to figure out how to put it back together.

    I find out tomorrow


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