13 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy At First

  1. My motto through life has been “Never be afraid to make a mistake’. Pair that with ‘Never miss a good opportunity to shut the fuck up’, it’s been a pretty charmed life.
    LOL…sure it has. Right….


  2. Only adults are willing to admit they made a mistake, I know a LOT of tall children.

    If you’re alive, you’re making mistakes.

    The only perfect person to walk the Earth was nailed to a cross. You ain’t Him.

    To err is human, to really screw things up requires a computer.

    It was only a little mistake, but you made it 13 million times…


  3. That was something I learned pretty young, and it has stood the test of time. I actually think that is something that has really furthered my career, at least as much as skill has, if not more so.


    • Something I learned young too, careful instruction from my father at the end of a leather belt. I still miss that fucker though.


  4. When I worked in field service, my admissions were a double-barreled dose of hurt. The first one was easy to take, admitting to a customer I (which was rare) fucked up, or that the company fucked up which was 99% of the time. I would ALWAYS get reamed by management for daring to be truthful to a customer. I would repeatedly get the “perception is reality” lecture, but never disciplined because they knew they had no legit case to do so. My explanation of how lying to a customer would be so much worse fell on deaf ears. I was told I was too honest. At the end of my career, I was so fed up I would just tell customers the solution was “above my pay grade” and give them the managers number. I figured I’d provide the rope and let the manager hang himself. Well… all of those companies no longer exist for a variety of reasons, and I maintain my honesty and integrity.


  5. I’ve always loved the expression on a bosses face when you admit to everyone you fucked up.
    Life is all about making mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes you are not learning.
    History is a recording of social development throughout the ages. It’s a recording of what worked and what didn’t.
    Tradition is a compilation of the things that worked. Thats why traditions are still practiced……
    But this only applies to “Normals” – politicians are incapable of learning from either history or traditions, destined to make the same mistakes over and over and over and over.


  6. Well, I”ll just blurt it out….. sometimes being a f–up can be just plain entertaining. Around here, there is no body around here to know, so might as well get a yuk out of it instead of yet another mental thrashing. And yes, that’ll take a couple beers to rectify the situation.


  7. That was a lesson that took a little learning for me. I grew up in CommieFornia and got juuuust enough of a contact high with bullshit that I was a huge scumbag. More years than I care to admit later, I’m just a moron now (albeit and honest one). Wife mighta had something to do with the reformation.


  8. I’m 61 years old and every single day I wake up and ask myself what I’m going to find out I’m wrong about today. I do some pretty technical stuff and have quite a bit of education and the more I find out the more I realize I don’t know. I made a bad call at work the other day about some data and after meeting with some colleagues I reversed my decision and told everyone involved that I had been wrong. It’s amazing how fast everybody get’s past it and carries on when you handle a mistake that way. My wife rear ended somebody in traffic about 2 years ago and was trying to twist the facts around to make it not her fault. I told her – “I’ve been married to you for 30 years and you’ve never had an accident. Just call USAA and get it fixed”. She asked me if I was mad. I said the only thing that would make me mad is if you don’t call USAA and get it fixed. And by the way we have accident forgiveness. USAA didn’t care that it was her fault either they just took care of it. Forgiveness is one of the things that comes with owning your mistakes. It’s an important word and we could all use a little of it.


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