Ahh, St. Patrick’s Day Used To Be My Favorite Holiday

I can kinda remember one quite a few years ago now that I got drunk and passed out on three different times in one day.

I was shit faced drunk before 10 A.M..

And this?

Oh HELL yes I have been that fucked up before.

Ahh the good old days.

I am SO glad I don’t do that shit anymore.

All y’all have a Happy and very safe St. Patrick’s Day.

If yer smart you will stay home and let the rookies take their lumps today.

6 thoughts on “Ahh, St. Patrick’s Day Used To Be My Favorite Holiday

  1. Yup, I do all of my drinking at home now. Have for a long time. Keeps the Old Lady happy and the local five-oh outta my wallet.
    Had a nice corned beef, cabbage and potato dinner. Topped it off with a Guinness Extra Stout. I’m so full, I could just explode.

    Whitehall, NY


  2. “Let the rookies take their lumps”. That was always my theory on New Years Eve and St. Patty’s Day. The local constabulary is/was always on the lookout for DUI’s on those days, so it was an early “call it done” for me.


  3. Was a time when St. Pat’s was corned beef & cabbage a couple of fifths of Bushmills.

    Did the corned beef & cabbage this year, but the Bushmills is on the shelf at the liquor store — where it has been for over 24 years.


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