Now They Are Being Downright Mean

Shit, I have no clue how our remote works. The Wifely Unit won’t even let me look at it hardly.

Suits me just fine because there isn’t anything but unaltered retardation comes out of that Idiot Box anyway.

3 thoughts on “Now They Are Being Downright Mean

  1. Remember the good old days when your remote was: “woman get up and turn it to channel 4 and while you are up get me a beer.”?


  2. Likewise, I don’t watch the toob at all. We cut the cord years ago, but she watches Netflix or DVD’s with a blu-ray player, and when something won’t work she asks me for help. I don’t know how to operate any of that either, but I just apply the old “shut up and reboot” technique. Usually just unplugging the idiot boxes and letting them reboot their little brains when I plug them back in. Sometimes I have to re-enter the wi-fi password for the router, but I have that memorized for our phones and laptops.


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